Saturday 10 September 2011

Sun, salt and sand

Last week in a desperate bid to clear our lungs we set out to Hungry Head, a beautiful beach about 15 minutes drive away. And even though we ended up still being plagued by 'The Sickness' in the week to come, it was beautiful to take time, to sit and watch, to create and be gentle with ourselves. I am usually not a beach person; the sand, the intense and unrelenting sun, the journey to and from never seem worth it but beaches up here, at this time of year, feel so restorative, meditative and absolutely delightful. 

Phil, my beautiful father entered 'The House of the Ill', albeit for one night, it was so lovely having his energy, enthusiasm and freshness with us. He did manage to stay for his Breakfast Bee Sting Birthday cake before whisking Mum away to the safety of their flu free home. But they will be back soon enough. Oh and for those, that way inclined, the Bee Sting cake was recommended by that amazing and beautiful human we like to call Cam, it is like a spiced finger bun with custard inside and topped with toffee almonds, apparently it is particularly difficult to eat with a beard and if you are extremely hungry.

Today I have felt like the heavy and unwanted veil of sickness has been lifted, the fact that I have reached 8pm without a blinding headache is a revelation. Buoyed, I managed to finish and wrap a few presents that will be posted on Monday, help Poe create some Birthday invitations and set my sights and mind towards some special gifts for another very dear and wonderful friend, Genevieve. But more on that later.

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  1. So glad you're starting to mend, my dear! These pics are just divine. And Cam will be thrilled that he lives on in your days associated with a sweet treat and reflections on the complexity of consuming them as a overly-hirsute creature.



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