Friday 27 September 2013

Spring Festival

We've had a house full the last week or so and it will continue to be full until Monday, a house full of loved ones, dear friends, noise, bustle, extra hands, plates of food, glasses of wine, pretty lovely.
Here are a few beautiful images from the Chrysalis Spring Festival, a lovely celebration of Spring. My most favourite part of the day was seeing Poe and all Poe's friends focus so much delight and inclusion towards Ilo, making sure he had a seat, a hand to hold and a garland for his head. Ilo's grin just radiated happiness.

Friday 20 September 2013


With Scott working full-time and weekends being, well weekends, usually full of bits and pieces, we haven't had a whole lot of simple family time. So Scott and I hatched a plan, we found a weekend when not much was happening (well except a, well, election) and skedaddled out of Bellingen and had a huge 20 minute trip down the highway to Hungry Head, a beautiful beach complete with simple and totally great cabins. What a delight it was to just sit chat, play, eat lots of cheese, go on adventure bike rides, copy kangaroos, laze on the beach and not look at all piles of washing, dirty floors, dust balls, handprints on glass, toys strewn, hmmm, you get the picture.

Oh and yes, look at that, photos of me, wow, yes, I realised after recently searching in vain for any photos of me from the last couple of years that I would have to take matters into my own hand. These three that are all pretty similar and sufficiently windblown should see us through for the next couple of years, I hope.

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Muttonbird Island

One day after school we set off on a little adventure to Muttonbird Island, Coffs Harbour. This was our first trip to the island and it was an utter delight. Muttonbird Island is the most accessible place in which to watch the migratory shearwater birds (or muttonbirds), they come here and build their nests, hatch their young and then depart again (around March). Walking along the path we were enthralled as we spied nests, looked at the birds feeding and dancing along the coast, a mutton bird carrying a rather large fish in it's feet sailing over the island, watching the sunset over the mountains and imagining that being out here, looking out at other islands and a great expanse of sea, we could almost be in the Greek Isles or for that matter, any number of island getaways around the world. Yes, there were joggers making good time running up and down the steep hill, focused on their headphones and fitness regime but aside from a couple of near misses we were too busy trying to take all this majestic beauty in. It was a lovely little trip and we can't wait to share this special place with friends next time they journey up the coast to see us. Yep, another one for the Bellingen and surrounds guide book.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

celebrating love

Two of our dear, dear friends recently celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary (hooray) and what better way to celebrate than by having a picnic by the river on a glorious days surrounded by friends who love, love, love them so. Leisa and Ben are two remarkable humans, individually they are delightful, hilarious, open and full of love, together they shine, they exude love, affection, genuine admiration and more. Like most people who reach ten years of marriage they have had their fair amount of crap, they have broken up a couple of times, they have struggled bigtime but the coolest thing is that they have emerged more connected, more open and more loved up than ever before. And that's what makes this anniversary so special, they have tried and tried and tried again, they haven't just given up because things have gotten too hard, life is hard. They also have two children who are a further testament to them, as both Finton and Braidyn are absolutely wonderful beings.

Anyway, back to the day of love, as you can see it was absolutely delightful, because quite frankly, who doesn't love celebrating true love between totally awesome humans. Oh and having a glorious day, a picturesque setting, the openness of having a whole day of doing nothing but eating, laughing, loving and drinking, oh and seeing children having delightful fun in the sun, hmmm, doesn't get much better than that.
Scott actually declared this day, which included him watching some bands at No. 5 for the ABC Exhumed contest, his most favourite day in Bellingen so far. It was definitely pretty wonderful. Now for Scott and I to plan our ten year wedding anniversary for next year, hmmm, maybe more of the same but with a touch of Bluegrass and some dancin', who knows. 

I do realise that this life of ours is looking a bit ridiculously idyllic and in someways it is but Bellingen does have ticks, snakes, leeches, challenging mould issues in summer, excessive rain from December to February and for some the problem of never being anonymous, always accountable, I quite like this though. Everyone does work, some multiple jobs, we all have children that can drive us crazy at times and can all fall into ruts or periods of sadness. But yes, there is also a load of goodness, but that is more than evident.