Wednesday 28 August 2013


Oh Ilo, now you are four year old, wow. As Scott and I sit down to write you a little letter we reflect on the you that is blossoming and evolving. We love your vibrancy and delight, your wonderful and expansive imagination, the tales you tell with so much conviction, your humour and wonder as your vocabulary and understanding grows. As a three/ now four year old, you love to perform, to dance, to take on voices, faces, personalities and scenarios, you really don't miss a trick. You challenge us in ways we never thought possible as your spirit pushes through and we have to use all our parenting know-how, life experience and humour to help and support you as much as we can. But even now in these last few weeks we see this shifting, shifting to a space where your words are being used so much more, regardless of your frustration. I loved when we were talking about this you said matter-of-factly " Well, that's what happens when you grow up".
I love hearing you and Poe as you wake in the morning, side by side, continuing to confess love, plan the day or tell little stories (but not so fond of those rarer mornings that sound like a monster has been unleashed in the room and cannot escape). 
It amazes me when you wake some mornings with a song that you have written in your head, with the instruments you will use already planned. My favourite is the yet to be finished "And the water flows down the river, out in to the sea. I am thinking of you are you thinking of me", and the explanation as to how you came up with those lyrics and melody, is so considered and beautiful. Remembering a time when you have missed someone and explaining the beauty of the river and where it goes. 
Oh my beautiful little one, so full of zest, life, beauty, spirit and fire, so many wishes of four to you. 
We had a very little afternoon Panda party, it was a simple delight, easy, fun and small. A couple of games of musical chairs, statues, Sharma painting panda faces, playing find the panda and then everyone left with a four felt heart mobile, to share the love of four. 

The gifts Ilo received were so beautiful, I thought I might do a post on them separately, some really lovely and inspiring four year old gift ideas.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

ink & tart

For anyone who has ever visited or had the good fortune to live in Bellingen, I am sure you would definitely agree that there is no shortage of fine establishments in which you can partake in a caffeinated beverage and of all these establishments a large majority serve a pretty fine brew. However that hasn't stopped nor hindered the opening of another said establishment (albeit replacing an existing espresso bar), but this space is different, not only is it run by one of the most beautiful humans on the planet but it is tucked away, up some stairs, like an oasis. Those fortunate enough to know about Ink & Tart have often been seen up on the balcony looking over the main street and laughing at the misfortune of those who have not yet travelled up the stairs (well maybe not laughed, but i am sure there is a certain degree of smugness being bandied about). 
Nicole, yes, yes, the beautiful human, has been graced with the eye, the eye for beauty, care, remarkable ceramic skills and a laugh that turns heads wherever she goes, oh yes all this and the ability to make a delicious brew, yes despite evidence to the contrary she is of this world. 
This perfect little space, serves an array of delicious hot drinks (not just the greatest, fairest and greenest coffee on the planet) as well as delicious organic morsels of sweet delights. 
Oh and if all that isn't enough, Ink & Tart also has Nick Warfield's latest creations, tables, yes, the most beautiful coffee tables you would ever see, another human whose talents know no bounds. 

back on the farm

I just can't seem to keep away from the Funny Farm, in the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of not only some quality time with this lovely family but I also had the pleasure of snapping some very precious breastfeeding moments for Emma and Sassafras, some lovely 3/4 family pics (Susan was down with the dreaded belly bug) as well as a peek and some snaps of their guest accommodation on the property. It is a very sweet place, simple but delightful, if you are ever up this way you should definitely stay there, unless you are friends or even semi acquaintances of ours, in that case you must stay with us.

I was really happy with both these shoots, the light was just a delight to play with and obviously it helps  to have such wonderful subjects.

Susan and I are also hatching some plans for  a couple of Bellingen Food Festivals for next year, festivals that celebrate the amazing produce that is grown in this area in a way that engages everyone within the community, we had a brief meeting yesterday, it is looking pretty wonderful, I look forward to sharing more with you as it progresses.

Friday 16 August 2013

to market

I realise I have been embarrassingly slack with regards to posting any of the clothes that I have created, then presented and then in some cases sold at the markets every month. And speaking of embarrassing don't even bother going to my Blue Caravan shop, boring, same old, same old. But I am vowing to right this wrong and get reinvigorated with photographing and posting my cloth creations both here and in my shop, so stay tuned, oh and now that I have said this, I will feel the eyes of all of you boring into me until something is done, so I have no choice really.
Anyway, here are a couple of tops that I made today for tomorrows market, nothing like the last minute.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

oh what a lovely night, but first

But first we catch up with three out of four very lovely and dear old friends in a park in Mullumbimby (yes, I am lagging behind all this blogging business but doing my very darndest to get you all up to speed). Ree and her two beautiful children Bowie and Dexter, oh it was as it always is with these folk the catch up was so easy, relaxing and fun, Scott and I have known Ree for at least ten years and her partner Kristian, well we have been good friends since high school, so maybe nearly twenty five years, oh my goodness, I had to do multiple calculations to work that one out and to be sure I got the numbers right! Oh yes, these folk are family. We played in a park outside my aunt's door, dining on delicious morsels and leftover Milk & Honey Pizza, a delight.

Later in the day we scooted over to Dave's place at Tyagarah, just a few minutes from Mullum, to catch up with the beautiful family who are Nikki, Pete, River and Sol, yes the beautiful Wholefood Mama and co, in the flesh. Some of you may remember our meeting from last year but this meeting was even more special and more connected, the foundations had been well and truly laid and our friendship was free to just get in there. Dave, whose place Nikki and Pete often frequent when they escape the southern winter for some northern sun, had carefully crafted a most magnificent bonfire, ready to be lit in honour of River's birthday. The call had been put out and people gathered bringing children and plates of deliciousness.
Oh fire, what a special thing you are, fire and darkness, the children delighted in hiding just where they were under a blanket of black, they squealed as they ran around just laughing and running. And then the fire was lit and their stares were drawn in amazement and then they ran and laughed and stared some more.
Sky lanterns were lit adding a magic that was beyond words.

The following day Nikki and I stole away and in the sun met up with Natalie from The Spaces Between, yes a little mini bloggers fest, it was easy and lovely, kind of sums up the whole weekend really.