Saturday 22 June 2013


Strangely yet beautifully, these last couple of weeks have been filled, nay overflowing with a whole lot of art.  Firstly was a stunning exhibition by Josh Mackenzie, a dear friend and sometimes artist, and without sounding too repetitive, he too has got it, yep, talent by the bucketloads. Josh went to the National Art School way back in 1996, but hasn't really been doing a whole lot of painting since. However in the last ten months or so he has had a creative resurgence, and what a resurgence. Think kooky, psychedelic and intriguing, Luckily for us Scott (being a good friend of Josh's) managed a sneak peek at the show and snagged one absolutely stunning piece (as shown above). Scott did purchase her in mind for his studio but I have pleaded my case and hope to have her in the house occasionally, we think she is magnificent.
Midweek saw a little trip to Briefield to photograph some of Nick's new pieces for a show he is having in Newcastle. Seeing Nick is always a delight, whatever the occasion but to be able to see his work and admire the development he has made in his space (the home/studio that he is building himself, using the money he makes from his sculptures or by bartering/fossicking/collecting) was like stepping into another world overflowing with treasures. Looking at his space, I couldn't help but compliment him on his 'jewels', trays and trays of bits and pieces that come together in some mystical way to create his wondrous pieces. I am loving seeing these creative spaces, they are so captivating and inspiring.
Nick's show, 'Birds in Paradise' will be showing at City Winemakers, Wickham, Newcastle, from the 12th of July, if you are in the area, you should definitely go and say hello and check out his beautiful work. 

The Art fest continued with hankies, the beautiful yoga poses of Eva and a bit of playing around in photoshop for an upcoming market but more of that later.

I have been realising, as might some of you, that so many of these posts seem to be quite external, so many photos, moments that are out and about and yes it's true, it is a reflection of some of what we have been up to but I do feel the need to balance this outwardness with some inwardness, so hopefully soon, there will be images of the corners of our home, meals being prepared and cooked, stockpiles of dust and cobwebs, half eaten apples, pretty pictures and all matter of other things that will hopefully reconnect you with what has been happening on the other side, a bit of balance perhaps.

As I write this I am smiling as I know that in a matter of days, Poe, Ilo and myself will be spending a couple of weeks away from home, at my parents and in Sydney, I better be quick with that post I think. 

Thursday 20 June 2013

from afar

One of the perks (actually it is the only perk) of living so far away from some of our dear friends and family is the quality of catch up time we get when our friends come to visit. That's right, instead of just snippets of conversations and a couple of cups of tea, we get countless meals together, we cook, we sip tea, we get to chat and chat (chatting with children around and then chatting well into the night with children tucked up in bed), we play together, visit the beautiful surrounds and get to well and truly and thoroughly catch up. 
Our latest visitors, Matt, Lisa and Otis had planned to come up for the O'Brother gig but as luck would have it, as they were making the finishing touches to their outfits they realised that Otis had chicken pox and it would have been too much for him to travel so far. Disappointing, yes but luckily they had a taste for Bellingen and booked in a visit as soon as possible. It was a delight to have them with us, to say the least, they are such wonderful people and to get to spend so much time with them was a real treat. 
Oh yes, back to The Lodge for the first stop in the Bellingen tour, snuggled in the warmth against the cold night, the fire was going, the food delicious and the music delightful, yes some Patchwork Cavalcade was just what was needed.
Matt regaling some wonderfully interesting and engaging tale, of which he has many.
A house warming and Birthday celebration for Nicole, with a dash of yes, Patchwork Cavalcade, after all Holly (the gorgeous short haired wonder) is Nicole's daughter.
Night lantern walking, look at the joy on Poe's face, delightful.
And yes, no trip to Bellingen is complete without a trip to Never Never Creek, it is a magical place.
Oh, yeah, this is living.

Monday 17 June 2013

get your art on

Last Friday afternoon I was invited for a very exclusive peek at a lovely friend's latest exhibition. After a day of last minute sewing, ironing and packing for the market I welcomed the drive out to Thora, the embraces of four lovelies, a glass of red and a number of crackers piled high with goats cheese, caramelised onion and stuffed olives. It was intimate, stunningly beautiful and such a special treat. 

Unfortunately I have never been to any of Karlee's exhibitions as they always seem to happen elsewhere (this collection is on it's way to Flinders Lane Gallery in Melbourne), so when I walked into her studio space, I couldn't help but stop and look around at all these amazing pieces and take more than a few moments to fully comprehend her brilliance.
The paintings are so strong, delightful and evocative, full of movement, wisdom and pure beauty. To hear the stories behind each piece, to laugh and guess at their meanings, it was a very special little pocket in time. 

Karlee has been exhibiting since 1994 (she was only 17 at the time!), yep, she is "the real deal", she even won the Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship and held a 5 month residency at Cite International des Arts, Paris, France, amazing, yes, but what's even more amazing is that I had to look at her website to find all of that (and more), yes all that talent and humble, oh my goodness.
Oh and if you're curious, no I didn't buy any of the paintings, as much as I would have loved to, yep at $6000 a pop they are a bit out of our price range but I am sure they will be snapped up in Melbourne.