Sunday 14 September 2014

a deadline, the vortex

So we now have a deadline to move into our new home, a deadline a little earlier than we were anticipating but a deadline that is good, a necessary concept that has made us sweat a bit knowing that there is a relative long list of things to be done before we can move in. But it's good, we have lists, we have more helpers and lots of determination (and still a relatively high level of enthusiasm). This week we will hopefully finish up with the no-gapping (hmm, yes, internal lining boards do look great but wowsers what a lot of work) and painting, the bathroom should be tiled (fingers crossed), we then have to deal with the enormous gaps in the floorboards (using brown thin rope between the gaps) and a light sanding and wax/oil, put in the wardrobes, clean up the garden (there is literally so much crap everywhere) and do all the other kind of moving stuff, oh and pack up and clean where we are in the next, ah, 2-3 weeks. Oh it will happen, don't be surprised if you don't hear from me until we reach the other side.