Friday 31 August 2012

yet another rip roaring night

To quote an audience member 'Bello sure does love you guys', yep The Mid North, played an amazing set last Saturday night, to an even fuller house than before (booked out weeks in advance), this time a dance floor facilitated lots of dancing and heels were kicked up all over the place, there was even, wait for it...... table dancing yep, you know people are having a good time when they start taking it to the tables.
 Ilo, yet again held the crowd in the palm of his tiny hand, he played about 5 songs and then declared "Dadda, I think I am going to have a rest now". Poe was full of pride as he gushed "I can't believe this is his third gig". And there was another guest appearance with Ella, a local, who is 12 and knows all the words to all the songs, she got up and sang Holy Water, also pretty great.
Oh the love, it was dripping off the walls, such a beautiful and fun night, I am especially lucky that the amazing Woo, looked after the kids (we left at half time, I put Ilo to sleep and Poe snuggled up with Sidney and Ziggy), which meant I got to get my dance on and partake in some whiskey sours. As the following clips* can attest, there was fun aplenty. Bookings are already being made for the 20th of October gig (this time with Ross Nickerson from an American band X-Train, who are fans of The Mid North and will be playing with them), so if anyone is coming up this way around then, I suggest you book now. 

Mitch Brown (a friend of Scott's who he met at Harrietville), wooed the crowd with his beautiful voice, killer songs and long locks.

Such big yawns, such a little body, yet still he remained focussed and totally alert throughout, until it was all too much. Love that post yawn face. 


* Film quality not that great as I hadn't planned on filming and didn't get a chance to reset my settings, sorry but it does give you a pretty good idea of the night = awesome fun. 

Oh and p.s how hot did Scott look in that waistcoat, oh my. 

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Happy Birthday beautiful

Oh little one, I cannot quite believe that you are three, so big yet still so little. Oh my heart sings when I see the delight in your face as you experience life. I love the way you so easily think of solutions to things "I know why don't we just........" and they are often totally reasonable and considered. You show so much kindness and love to others and foster such beautiful friendships with big and little people. You love to have chats with those you know and love yet you are just at ease randomly greet ing people as you walk around town. I love seeing how quick people are to smile when you are around, you share so much. Poe particularly marvels at this talent and still can't quite understand exactly why you would talk to people you 'don't even know'.

I love seeing the ease in which you approach music, it surrounds you and you have embraced it in such an effortless way, who knows where you will go with this, if anywhere at all, but I look forward to the journey. 

As parents you have also challenged us with your determination and spiritedness, this passion and strength will most probably hold you steady as an adult but as a three year old it must be a bit tough at times (for all involved). Sometimes I watch you as you sleep and wonder how so much personality comes from such a small body. 

Happy Birthday dear Ilo, oh what an amazing little being you are, we love and cherish you so.

You may remember the popcorn box from this post, we loved them so much we bought six of them, sans popcorn. 

We had four friends (Sidney, of course, Ziggy, Ginger and Peppa) over for Ilo's Birthday, it was a perfect number, due in part to the fact I was feeling quite drained but mostly because that was all he wanted, all he needed. He also had two very special guests, my mum and dad, oh the love and energy that they give to Poe and Ilo is a thing of beauty. Poe and Ilo, lap up their attention and adore being with them (seeing this reminds me of our distance and what we are all missing out on, on a regular basis). 

We made Jude's coconut and vanilla cupcakes (dairy free version), using Coyo, due to the snottiness at home. They are so delicious, Poe has nominated the chocolate version for his birthday cake, full of goodness and deliciousness. 

Oh the love, oh the humour, 'I've got your nose' a classic grandparent moment.

Sweet one, the love, enthusiasm and joy he showed for Ilo throughout his day (and most days) was so precious, genuine and beautiful.

Poe also shows the same love for Peppa, he is so patient and understanding with her (she is 4 months younger than Ilo) and always includes her when she visits. 

After some chats a while ago Ilo decided that when he turned three he would no longer have booba (he was just having the night feed to sleep), in the lead up he would say "Mumma, I promise that I will never have booba once I turn three, am I three yet?" he would then commence feeding. On the night he turned three he declared "oh yeah, no booba" and then just went for the gentle caress ("I just want to touch something warm and soft") and only one little hrumph and that's it. I can't quite believe it, it didn't really sink in til a few days later, I felt that mixture of sadness but then also a feeling of it being right. Meanwhile my left breast (the last boob standing) is still experiencing  those tingly let down sensations, ah breastfeeding, thank you for a beautiful journey and for providing so much warmth and love to these two little ones (oh and one other special little one, who was lucky enough to have a few mumma's sharing their love).

Monday 27 August 2012

slowly slowly part 2. the celebration

Swept up from the beautiful hula hooping household, I found myself in more warm embraces, embraces that lingered all the more, partly because of distance partly because of love, partly because of those goddam crazy winds. But I was definitely not complaining. It was a really beautiful and generous idea of Rod's to gather three of Jen's closest friends together and then to cook an amazing meal for us and give us the time and space to catch up and also get to know one another (I had only very limited interactions with Alison and Anne, previously). It did kind of feel like we were squeezing so much into so little time but then I guess it was also us making the most of it, milking it for all that we could, I guess.
Ah, beautiful Jen, your kindness, wisdom, patience and empathy is beyond words, I cherish them so much and I am so lucky to know you and have you gracing my/our lives.

Jen and Anne donning their new 'and the trees' tops, yes Anne was the lucky one who nabbed the daffodil shrug, it looked amazing on her. I made Jen a similar top but with a windmill and lovely dutch lady. 

Another gift, a needlebook I made for Jen, now I am inspired to make more.  Stand back needles.

Speaking of inspiration, after years of thinking 'I must' Anne, firmly kicked me in the proverbial and has motivated to get into some eco dyeing, how amazing is the piece she made above, I am in love. 

Rod, creating, creating a magnificent feast, full of love. 

Lily, in 'maid' mode, organising dinner placements and decorations. 

Saul assisting. 

Even Jeffery was dressed up for the occasion. 

The setting. 

It was a long and luxurious night, we stayed up later and later fighting off the yawns and sleepy eyes, knowing that once we made the decision to go to bed the magic of the night would be over.

Wednesday 22 August 2012

slowly slowly part 1

As a wise and vocal reader suggested, it is okay to take things slow, to sit with my emotions (I am paraphrasing) and to share when and if I feel ready, so with those kind thoughts resting gently on me, I have decided to start slowly.
Flying into Sydney on a particularly blustery day I couldn't quite imagine the weekend ahead, how to fathom essentially two full days of time for me, being responsible for me, only being concerned as to whether I ate, whether I was kind to others and looked both ways before crossing the street. Surprisingly once the tugging of heart strings abated it was quite easy, some would say second nature, yet totally luxurious.
So luxurious that my first stop from the airport was Tempe Op Shop, ahh, to wander uninterrupted, save for the cyclonic winds crashing about outside, yipeee.
Then I was lovingly transported into the warm embraces of Tracey, Jenna (that gorgeous smiley one above), Vince and Remy, I have said it before and will continue to wax lyrical until I can speak no more but entering their home is pure comfort wrapped up in a blanket of love. We chatted, we drank, we ate a recently imported Wicked Winter (it travels very well) and then Tracey and I got all frocked up to head out on the town.
To an old favourite, Soffritto, and it did not disappoint, it was spectacular. But I guess I could have been eating a three day old falafel and it still would have tasted pretty good after all, I was surrounded and totally loved up by three amazing humans, who I hold so snuggly against my heart, secure and full of joy, Jen, Ruth and Tracey. It was everything I could imagine, warm,  full of love, entertainment, ease and delight.
Their love provides me with so much, it creates such a strong foundation within me, and they, they know me so well, all of me, yet love me with all their hearts.



I awoke early Saturday morning on the bottom bunk in Jenna's room, disappointed to be awake so early, I soon was able to relish in the freedom to doze. Once my feet started to get restless I snuggled up on the lounge with Remy as he got me up to speed on the Olympics, starting with the synchronised swimming, which just happened to be showing at the time.
Once Ruth released me from the beautiful grasp of Tracey we headed to The Cornersmith for deliciousness of all kinds, deliciousness and precious one on one chats with Ruth followed then by shopping on King Street, Newtown, yes seriously. Walking at a relaxed pace, stopping, browsing, it wasn't particularly successful but it was a delightful novelty.

And then look who we found along King Street, none other than this beautiful man Cam with the fabulous Edie and marvellous Oscar. How great is that bike, pretty awesome and it gets better, Ruth can fit on as well, who needs a family car, I say.

And home to share beeswax delights and be entertained by super hooping skills (we got the hoop for Edie from the beautiful Bell, yes it was very tricky to post).

and now to step back. more to come soon lovely ones.

I feel very thankful and grateful of such a weekend, thankful of namely Scott, Poe and Ilo but also of Rod who generously flew me down on some of his excess frequent flyer points, oh my. 

Monday 20 August 2012


For some reason I seem to not be able to bring myself to write a couple of pressing posts, one about my Sydney trip the other Ilo's Birthday. It could be because I have been sick in bed most nights (not so days, just aching nights) since returning from Sydney, some kind of hilarious joke about balancing my body after a weekend of umm, relaxing (staying up late chatting and snubbing a sleep-in, due to infernal body clock) and being loved up by dear friends.
Why does this happen?
Or maybe I cannot face remembering the tears and tantrums that, ahem, welcomed me home, yep, it was a bit too much for one little person to have me home (even though they had a lovely weekend), which unfortunately in turn made it hard for everyone else to show me how much they missed me and welcome me home how they would have liked.
Or maybe it is too hard to think of the ease and delight that I experienced with my dear friends and then I lament and lament that we are not closer and those moments are so far and few between.
Who knows. Whatever the reason, it hasn't happened yet.
instead I will leave this post with tears of laughter, this video totally choreographed and filmed by Poe, was another one of those pleasant surprises I discovered on his camera when I uploaded it. It shows Poe performing (which doesn't happen very often and even more rarely on camera) and being so gorgeously quirky and cool. The music is by the Cope Street Parade, a jazz band we checked out as part of the Bellingen Jazz Festival.

I was crying with laughter when I first watched this. Oh just letting you know it has been edited because at some point, bottoms do start to appear, which again, is hysterical but not quite for public viewing.

*beautiful basket made by Jen, how amazing is that!

Thursday 16 August 2012


While I gather my thoughts and heart after 'the weekend' I thought I would share with you a sneak peek at a little film I am doing with Steve and Jason from, yep you guessed it, No. 5 and with Liz, our gorgeous and local ABC Open Producer. The film will hopefully be for two things, ABC Open and as an entry to the Local Food Film Festival. It is about Pat, the beautiful potato farmer who supplies No. 5 with the potatoes that allow them to make the best chips ever, seriously. She is in her seventies, is super strong, incredibly cheeky and wonderfully wise. Here are some photos from our day at her farm.

Tuesday 14 August 2012


hello there, feeling very tired and exhausted after a wonderful weekend away, hope you like this, the latest filmclip by The Mid North, pretty wonderful.

Thursday 9 August 2012

Napkins ready?*

Some meals to drool over and keep you occupied whilst I hop on a plane and head to Sydney solo for a couple of days, three days and two nights to be precise, woohoo and eek. Such great lengths; boarding a plane and leaving my loved ones calls for two whole sleeps demands either an emergency or an extra special occasion, luckily it is a very special occasion; the celebration of my beautiful and wonderful friend Jen's birthday (yes it was a few weeks ago but fortunately we get to celebrate again). The weekend is looking pretty perfect with dinner with Jen, Ruth and Tracey (I know, how awesome is that) on Friday night, a sleepover at Tracey's on Friday, a bonus extra special Ruth time Saturday morning and then to Jen's for a special dinner cooked by Rod, oh my goodness, I think my cup may very well be overflowing when i return on Sunday.
Again, it will be hard, unusual and a bit heart breaking to leave Poe and Ilo (in particular), Scott does have a whole lot of awesomely fun things planned and I know they will be fine but my heart strings do tug quite a bit, despite my absolute excitement.
I have, as predicted, crafted Jen a few little gifts but understandably I cannot share until I have given them to her, so stay tuned.

The pictures above were taken by me and loved up by my sister Suriya  (she has a wicked winter coming her way, if she ever gets up here for a decent visit, hint hint), are some of the food pics I have started taking for No. 5, yes they are as delicious as they look (Nikki, am working on getting that recipe). When I say delicious as they look, they are actually more delicious, I have no idea really about food photography but am enjoying learning, I am endlessly inspired by this immensely popular and mouth watering gorgeous food blog.  I have also decided (in a last minute, early morning post update) decided to add the untouched photos (same as above) to see what you think but as very few of you actually comment on this blog (I know you are out there people, I see the stats), for you to quietly observe whilst sitting on your hands. I liked the treatment Suriya put on the images but I was also quite happy with the original pics as well. Now to decide.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. xx
*this is an updated version of this post

Tuesday 7 August 2012

what an adventure

As we drove into the Macksville Showground, we drew Poe's attention to the Big Top ahead, "what does that look like Poe"? Eyes widen "a circus tent, can we look at it?" "sure" Poe: "We need tickets if we want to go in though", "We have tickets" "WHAT, really". Oh my goodness, we could not have asked for a better reaction, he was amazed that we tricked him, amazed and delighted. I wish I could have bottled the pure, unadulterated joy that he showed throughout the whole circus, he was nearly wetting himself with delight at the (admittedly low rent) clowns and at the trapeze, the juggling, the hula hooping. He was giggling with immense delight, so much so that people kept turning around to look at him and smile, he was also doing this very gorgeous little seat dance with his legs as he clapped and laughed. Honestly I spent most of the circus watching him, he was far more entertaining.
Yes, the circus was decidedly average with the first half consisting of the silks, then the average clowns and then some rope work (pretty much the same as the silks but with ropes) and then the clowns and so on. The second half was a bit more varied with juggling and hooping but still. We were all also gobsmacked by the excessive and frantic consumption of sugar going on around us, Poe asked at one point "why are all these children eating so much sugar", there was fairy floss, bags of lollies and cans of coke a gogo, we had definitely stepped out of our Bellingen bubble.
But overall it was amazing, amazing because of Poe's reaction and absolute love, love that he had been tricked and the joy he experienced at the circus. The next morning as he snuggled into bed with me, he started laughing, "Oh Mumma, I am just thinking about the circus".
Ilo enjoyed the circus but was a little scared at the beginning, after a few, "I want to go home", he settled in and enjoyed.

 These are the three pieces I made to fill in the wall space for the Energy Fest thank you party, the party was pretty low key but really lovely, full of warming soup and great music (see below). Ilo played the whole set with the band, he decided beforehand and hung out with them til they started and then he just sat there, tapping his foot, playing and singing along, totally relaxed and oblivious to the looks of delight of everyone as they watched him play. Poe was really impressed "I was really nervous for him, I can't believe he did that". I particularly loved how relaxed he was about it all and that he lasted the whole half hour set.