Wednesday 27 June 2012

what a night

photo courtesy of No 5
On Saturday night The Mid North took Bellingen by storm, playing at a sold out No. 5 with a waiting list as long as the bookings list, it had promises to be big even before a single note was played. The atmosphere was festive upon arrival, there was a buzz in the air as more tables were squeezed in, special menus were laid out on the tables and the fire was lit. Beautifully the staff, who were so excited, had gotten dressed up with a Bluegrass theme in mind, suspenders, overalls, boots, scarfs and flannels, you get the picture, they were all looking totally hot. The stage was adorned with our beautiful red persian rug and deep red velvet curtains, surrounded by pumpkins, gourds, lemons and vases of random greens and flowers, beautiful.
The first half of the night, people were eating, listening, appreciating and chatting, but the space was warm and comforting and it was the most perfect thing to do. Once appetites were sated and a few warming ales were working their magic (not that alcohol was necessary), it was all on, the energy was electric, everywhere, everywhere I would look (and there were a lot of faces to look at, as people were lined up along the walls and squished in all over the place) there were grins, beautiful grins, clapping, spoon playing by young and old, toe tapping, head nodding and then dancing, dancing in the only spare place; the kitchen and bar area, it was infectious and wonderful. After two hours of playing, The Mid North were finally exhausted but upon mentioning that their last song was nigh, there was outrage and offensive screaming, demands for more, banging, laughing, it was hilarious and wonderful, they were hooked. So Scott managed to bring out a couple more standards and finished up the night with even more whooping and a hollering.
I felt so happy for him, it was an amazing gig and so many people were just blown away. It is so wonderful that Scott has found a space (musically) where he feels so at home, it really suits his voice and he is amazing at writing songs and weaving a tale, so beautifully rewarding and fulfilling. We were reflecting the other day how he previous wrote introspective kind of songs which were lovely but maybe a little forced and to see and hear him now, nearly every week he is creating and conjuring new stories, it is so creative and nourishing. Scott, you are amazing.

Tuesday 26 June 2012


Keen eye readers may have already noticed that little badge in the corner to your right, quick have a look, no, up a bit further, yes that's it, it's true it really says Blue Caravan. So hop yourselves back up onto that chair and press that badge, go on. Yes I am encouraging you but I do feel quite nervous about it, oh go on then. Hope you like my little shop.

Saturday 23 June 2012


This is a little flyer for the workshop I am running next Sunday. 

I realise that in my last post I may have seemed a little overwhelmed by all the beautiful creative things I have to do, I reflected on the post (over analysed, got paranoid, let my brain go into overdrive) and thought I would add a disclaimer that is smeared with head is full but I realise that no I am not working full-time and juggling parenthood, partnerhood and life or even, more challenging, solo parenting and all the rest of it, we aren't undertaking any major life changing project, whilst trying to earn a living and raise an amazing family or even living a life that is unfulfilling, dull or threatening. I know that I am very blessed to have such 'weights'  bearing down on me. I think I was just imparting some of my cluttered head space onto you all, trying to sift through and work out where inspiration will come from and how it will manifest.
All this frenzy is also part of working out how my craft can contribute more to our home (financially) and at the moment I am throwing everything at it and it is fun, challenging, terrifying and totally new.

Friday 22 June 2012


Curry nights and dress ups, together at last. Sydney friends will surely remember some of the outfits in this post, we have a massive red suitcase full of delightful dress-up attire, it's amazing how much we cram into it. 
 Oh, I am salivating just remembering, yes and the kofta balls are a staple, no curry night is complete without them.
We have had a really busy week this week and the weekend does not hold much respite; The MidNorth are playing at 5 Church St, which has not only sold out but has quite a long wait list and then on Sunday we are having a working bee at Nicole's place. She is selling her beautiful mudbrick home and heading with her family to Melbourne, to be closer to her sister, she will be dearly missed (but luckily we have her til the end of the year, yay).
I have my mind scattered in a few more places than usual, on the first weekend of July I am running a workshop at The Workshop and then on the 13th July Bell and I are having our first Wabi Sabi Pop up shop, followed by the markets the following week and then I am putting some pieces in The Workshop art exhibition at The Energy Festival on the 28th July, eeek. Oh and I have photographed my pieces to go onto Blue Caravan, I just have to do the pricing, descriptions, measurements etc. Oh my. It is really exciting and overwhelming and it's all about working out how to gently fit this into our life with two beautiful little folk oh and one larger gorgeous fellow. Speaking of which, Scott and I had a day date the other day, such a treat, we had planned on going to the movies at Sawtell but nothing really perked our interest so instead we ate a mushroom burger and a chickpea burger (and some amazing chips) on a grassy patch overlooking Sawtell beach, lying in the sun, chatting, not chatting, exhaling, ahhh. We then um, hung out at home for a bit and then collected our two little people who were being loved up by Nicole and Oscar, so wonderful and so necessary.
That night Scott and Poe headed up to Chrysalis to celebrate the Winter Festival, which happens around the solstice, both Scott and Poe were completely entranced by it. They shared soup together, walked the winter spiral  and then went on a lantern walk through the bush singing their winter festival songs, it was really special, the children had so much reverence and delight.
Leading up to the festival we received a little handout with the song 'Shine lantern' on it, Poe asked me to sing it, so I tried but obviously I didn't get the tune right so Poe corrected me and I asked how it went. He said "Come with me Mumma' and he led me to his room, he stepped into the built in and shut the door and proceeded to sing the whole song, including the four verses, oh my, the sweetness of it. This gorgeous little voice singing so clearly and earnestly, yet still a little too shy to sing so in front of me. I walked past the room half an hour later and Scott was sitting on Poe's bed and sure enough that little voice was singing again, so beautifully from inside the cupboard.  On the night of the Winter festival, he sung with full gusto and passion, Scott said he felt his heart just well.

Just a quick technical question for fellow bloggers, I have been told I have reached my picasa web album limit (didn't realise i had one) but if i delete any of the photos from the web album they will delete from my blog. Any ideas about this. Thanks. xxx

Tuesday 19 June 2012

ahh home

Scott and I awoke on Sunday knowing that in a couple of hours Alice and Jamirah would be over for a play and then a few hours after that we would be hosting a curry night, before either of us said a word we set about doing one very important thing....hiding the boxes that currently cluttered our living space. It felt great, we reclaimed our space and started to feel settled at last. The boxes are currently in the guest room waiting patiently to be seen to one by one. Ahhh. I used this opportunity to take a few snaps around our new home, oh this space feels so great, I don't think I have ever fully experienced the absolute joy of north-facing living areas (with huge windows). Yes, I have read a bit about it, regarding solar passive designed homes and imagined the virtues but to experience it is such a delight.

Saturday 16 June 2012


I walked down to my market stall, a very brief yet brisk stroll and couldn't resist this snap, I know, I know, nothing new here and the photo isn't that amazing but I did want to share a bit of my early morning walk and it was so simply beautiful.
 Bell and I now have an army of suitcases, ready, willing and more than able to embrace our wares. 

Two more sweet moments I couldn't resist, oh this light, the glorious rays and some doily bunting. My nose was sniffling and my toes were cold but I do love a market set up, it's in my blood, it's fun oh and sometimes very long, and entertaining depending on amount of stuff and ability to coat hanger in an efficient manner.

Well despite the market day being quite slow; due mainly to Crazy Day in town, where all the shops have 'crazy' sales, we think that by the time the hordes of people actually fought through the main street crowds and made it to the markets they had already spent there 'crazy' money on bright and shiny  new factory made items, one of my dresses found the perfect home, the beautiful Maggie Quirk fell in love with this little number, it looked gorgeous on her. Other pic is Bell modelling her haphazard yet gorgeous poncho, the mannequin did not do it justice so we decided the mannequin needed to be a bit more hmmm life like. In the large amount of spare time we did have we managed to plan and book our Wabi Sabi 'pop-up' shop which will be on Friday 13th July and brainstorm ideas surrounding this as well as have a chat with Nick about his 'hit and run' art exhibition idea. Pretty exciting.

Relax, despite appearances to the contrary No 5 did not experience any kind of major contamination or  OHS breach, they are getting into the theme of the Onesie (all in one outfit) party they are hosting for Kate Atkinson (the force behind The Sonic Lab, who organise bands to tour this region). Poe, Ilo, Scott and I headed up after an early dinner, basically to check out all the awesome onesies, you would be quite surprised how many forms the humble onesie can take, amazed. After an hour or so, we headed back, put Poe and Ilo to bed and then Scott has headed back up. Apparently the amazing Elana Stone will be playing (she is in the totally hot blue satin onesie below) along with Grant from Bellyache Ben and I think Scott is performing as well. By the looks of things I think it is going to be a great night, looking forward to the debrief from Scott. As you can see below, our family went in overalls, all of us, team overalls indeed (will try to get a pic of me from somewhere). Fancy dress parties always seem to get everyone in such a happy mood.
Grant entrancing with the sousaphone
Kate in the tiger onesie.

 Fabulous Cath in this amazing onesie, crap photo as I was just adjusting the settings but I love it, hot pink everything, everything.

Friday 15 June 2012

i see red

Hello, quickly touching base. 
  • The picture above is what we woke up to this morning, a glorious day
  • Boxes, still there but less intimidating, have been loving discovering lost loves and homes for some of our stuff. 
  • Went to see Boy & Bear last night with support by Jungle Giants and Tin Sparrow. It was great, Boy & Bear and Jungle Giants (we missed out on Tin Sparrow as we were eating delicious Vietnamese food) were so wonderful and fun. I must admit even though I went with a few lovely friends, which was great, I did experience a few pangs, remembering beautiful and wonderfully emotional times with a couple of dear Sydney friends at gigs, they were missed. 
  • Went to an amazing Visioning Workshop for the school with over 60 parents, lovely group collective on hopes and dreams for the school. This workshop will be followed up soon with more focus on the most popular visions (NVC was mentioned a number of times, yay). 
  • Below are a couple of dresses (complete with little built in pockets) I have made for themarket and a sweet cord skirt. Will pop them on and show you in more detail after the market, if I still have them.
  • The lovely Jude (yes 'Jude') included us in a sweet post on her blog, awww shucks. 

Saturday 9 June 2012


Poe in the backyard holding his new doll he made at school, the stitching on it is so sweet and perfect.
 Oh my, moving really is awful isn't it? It's the packing, sorting, lifting, negotiating, cleaning and feeling of relentlessness that can be totally overwhelming. But now, thanks to some wonderful friends (including a couple that went above and beyond and actually scrubbed the bathroom for us! How amazing and wonderful is that), I am sitting in our new sun drenched loungeroom looking across a tin roof to the mountains beyond, pretty spectacular. Admittedly behind me is a tower of boxes doing their best to intimidate me (it's working) and pretty much stuff scattered everywhere waiting to discover their fate; our home, an op shop pile or garage sale pile. 
view from kitchen and dining room

Short but sweet, we are feeing quite drained but excited to focus on our new home, to nest, to settle and then to have it warmed by friends and family.

Sunday 3 June 2012


the gorgeous Ginger in a little terry towelling number I couldn't resist
Tomorrow we are moving, yep, there are boxes everywhere and tomorrow we will load dup the truck, head down the road take a left then a right and then unload the truck, I think it's a grand total of about 250 metres.
We need to move out of this house as the owner comes back every year or so to do renovations. We are renting again, despite our desire to buy and grow and plant ourselves but there hasn't been anything quite right, so in the meantime we are happy to wait. Luckily our new home is really lovely with lots of light, views to the mountains, a separate studio for Scott, a veggie patch (which we can add to), solar power a little tree house and beautiful big windows. I am really looking forward to living in this new space. Unfortunately it doesn't have Woo, Eno, Ziggy, Sidney and Ginger as beautiful neighbours oh we will miss them so, luckily as mentioned previously they are only about 150metres away if that (there is a little cycleway/walkway shortcut).
Poe has had quite a teary and hard week, the shift to the unknown doesn't sit well with him, he is very sad to be leaving this home but did mention that it isn't as sad as leaving Sydney and not seeing his friends in Sydney as much. He has been talking about a few friends from Sydney in particular this week, remembering games they played and things they did together and talking to his friends at school about them.
We are very lucky to have landed in Bellingen in the house that we did and to have made such special friends, amazing. Woo and I are determined to keep up the ease with hanging out, which basically means no planning and just dropping in whenever we want, as we do now.

This is Ilo's smile, when I ask him to smile. Hilarious, gorgeous and a little disturbing. Oh sweet thing.
This is what he does as soon as he has breakfast, he gets dressed then he heads to the hole in the fence, he picks up a fallen camelia, takes it to Woo and then he hangs out with them while they rush around getting ready for school (usually followed closely by Poe). He disappears through that hole a lot, oh he will miss it. 
He is also wearing an op shop find, blue velvet overalls with an embroidered duck on the front, too sweet. 
Some pics from the Goat show, a lovely (and early) evening, there was even a real but very chilled (and massive) goat in attendance. 
Steve in the process of getting his goat on. Nick's goat in the background.
Bell's goat
My little goat sold, which was pretty cool and there has been a lot of Pan love going around, so we shall see.