Tuesday 28 January 2014

hello there

Apologies for my absence in this space but we have been away from home and we have delightfully been infrequent visitors of electronic devices.
I could launch into some epic post that would probably go on and on and on and on but I don't think I have the stamina, so here instead I grace you with a digestible portion, a delectable yet (hopefully) satisfying mouthful of a snippet of our adventures. It includes our house swap at a very special beach (about 40 minutes north of Bellingen) and some treasured images of our beloved friends with whom we got to luxuriate in the company of for about ten glorious days, we feel spoilt rotten and brimming with love. If you look closely you may spot some vague descriptions of the best beach ever, an incredibly precious toy workshop and various other activities. 
Oh this beach will always remain in our hearts as one of the best ever, to gaze across the beach we had to pinch ourselves at the beauty, the warmth, the solitude and the ideal swimming conditions. It was nothing short of utterly delightful. 

Another gobsmacking picturesque visit to Muttonbird Island.

Some river time and embroidery love.

Snorkelling adventures in Nambucca.

Although I had heard the legend of our local swiss toymakers and indeed had received a very special gift from someone who had grown up with their remarkable toys, I had never previously had the privilege to visit this magical place. I don't think words can sufficiently explain how my heart swells when I think of our visit, the wonder in all of our eyes and then the lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes as we are welcomed in and then engaged with. The passion that Nina and Armin share about life, treasured handmade objects, precious experiences for children and their love for their craft, is priceless. We entered Armin's workshop and he showed the children how he made his little wooden people, all the while talking in a delightful swiss accent, the children were enthralled. He told us his story, he shared his views on mass production with tears in his eyes, he was passionate about being aware politically and being active in making a difference. This was like nothing we had ever experienced before. It was beautiful, emotional, heartfelt, so rich and full of history and warmth.
As we drove away with a couple of little treasures and some assorted offcuts, Poe and Ilo decided that he definitely must be a real life Santa, ' he is so kind and makes such beautiful toys',

My darling Jen attempted a task that few would even look at, she not only untangled all my embroidery threads but she also ordered them in such a delightful and beautiful way. I love knowing that every piece I make in the future will have Jen's love and intention intwined.
Oh my dear beloved friends thank you for the most amazing holiday, full of ease, love, laughter and so much delight.