Saturday 6 April 2013


Here it is, The Mid North's new filmclip, thank you to everyone who generously donated their time and dancing skills to this clip, we are so very appreciative.

Friday 5 April 2013


Amidst all the happenings of late we have been planning a trip to Penang, Malaysia, with my mum and dad to visit my uncle who is unwell. With only a few days til we leave I feel like I am absolutely unprepared for this trip, I have yet to organise insurance, we have just booked accommodation, bags are nowhere near being packed and our days remain full of photo shoots, celebrations and getting things in order. Luckily I rely very heavily on lists, lists about lists and sublists, as there is little clarity in this brain.
Here are a few images of the other goings on of late, a little easter egg hunt and the beautiful corners of Nicole's new home in Bangalow, oh she has such a wonderful eye.

You may or may not notice that there are no photos of Bluesfest, yes, I made the conscious decision to down the tools and just be, it was delightful. My most favourite and most enjoyed performance was The Lumineers, oh they were so much fun, really engaging, an absolute delight, other highlights included Paul Simon, The Bamboos, Bonnie Raitt, Mavis Staples and some of Wilco. It was really precious spending the whole day with five lovely friends, dancing til our feet ached, watching, laughing, chatting and eating more than our fair share of the Govinda's kofta balls. 

Wednesday 3 April 2013

O' Brother

There was a moment when I was standing at the back of the Memorial Hall taking it all in, the full house, the sated bellies, the adorned tables and the stage, the stage heaving with talent and beauty and I felt immensely proud and in awe. After months of planning, everything that Scott and I had spoke about, designed and planned had come to beautiful fruition, to see what was in our heads made into reality filled me with joy. To see and hear the absolute delight of the audience and to see the cast step up and own the show was truly a remarkable thing.
Since that night we have had a harder time walking through town, as our beautiful community congratulate and rehash their experience of the night, others are urging us to go greater afield, others are suggesting other concerts we could put on. At the moment we are enjoying reflecting and being proud of what we created. This weekend we are having a little get together to watch the film that was made of the concert, which we will be sharing with you all soon.
As you might know we were also honoured to have Mike Compton and his lovely partner/manager Heidi stay with us for a few nights, they were such easy and lovely house guests and despite all the rehearsals and shows we did manage a couple of late nights chatting about Mike's life, people he has played with and places he has been. They do a lot of travelling these two and they exude such love, fun and respect for each, gorgeous to see.
As I was busy fluttering around a bit I didn't take that many photos of the show, yes, I hear you gasp in horror but it's true. Luckily the extremely talented Nick McGee did, so I have included some of his along with backstage, crowd and rehearsal photos of mine. Hopefully these will give you a little glimpse into some of the joy that was created.

Following photos by Nick McGee
I have been so honoured to share this experience with Scott and as we head towards final filming of Rosewood and talk of filming for Holy Water, we look at each other and grin. We are in such an amazing place together, that I feel so incredibly blessed, we share our lives so equally, with so much consideration, love and respect. We equally share parenting, housekeeping, cooking, cleaning (um, with the exception that Scott does all the washing up) and work, and for us it is the perfect way for us to be. I am loving our shared visions, we have grown into such a great team. I guess, I am sharing this because, one, I always love to share and spread the love (it can be contagious) and secondly to honour that we have had really hard times, like most relationships, but we have worked through it and now it really feels like we have shed ourselves of a lot of the old sticking patterns and emerged to a place that is exciting, new and full of mutual respect and understanding and utter love. Yes, I know, I am being totally gooey but I am smitten and delighted. This working together thing is awesome.