Wednesday 27 August 2014

circus tricks

Inspired by our upcoming visit to Brisbane to see Circus Oz for Poe and my birthdays, circus play has featured more heavily than usual (which, if we are being honest features quite a lot anyway).
We have just emerged from a week and a half of sickness, a horrid dry hacking cough, fevers and general awfulness (which unfortunately also took down my mum and my aunt, who were visiting). Amongst all this we have been packing, plying little people with as many remedies as I can (I do have an amazing brew but more suited to adults than children), farewelling Scott as he headed to Sydney to pick up our secondhand kitchen, skylight, windows and built ins (go ebay, go gumtree) and watching from afar as our home progresses. We are up to the painting prep stage and nearly ready for the bathroom to be waterproofed and tiled. Don't worry, I promise I will scratch all those itches out there with some progress shots very soon.
In the meantime we sit playing scrabble as we await a potential flood for the rain that is soaking our dry little town is filling our rivers past their brims.

Saturday 16 August 2014

to celebrate

The other weekend I took a little break from life up here and armed with a few velvety birthday treats, went to Sydney to celebrate and surprise my dear and gorgeous friend Jen for her birthday. It was a weekend overflowing with lots of talking, walks through the city streets at night, eating seriously delicious food (here and here), lots of cuddles, a few bars (here and here), an impromptu haircut and viewing a lovely smattering of stunning art.
It was absolutely what I needed, a huge dose of nourishment from some very special friends and to be able to be there for Jen's birthday, to love her from close up not just from afar, was truly wonderful.
I also particularly loved the fact that I got to spend some special time with Jen and Rod's children, Lily and Saul, whom I love so dearly, without them being stolen away to various corners of the house by my children, no I had them all to myself and my gosh it was so very special.