Thursday 18 February 2016

Elves in the Wardrobe

As a, ahem, Photographer in Bellingen, I feel completely blessed to have the opportunity to do so many varied shoots. I take photos of flowers, huts, bands, brides and grooms, food, festivals and yes gorgeous little people wearing fun and practical organic clothing. I know it has been an embarrassingly long time since I have been around these parts but I have so many excuses it might just get boring to read through them all. Sooooo to distract you all I thought I would show you some pretty pics from my latest shoot. It was for a new business set up by a family in town, perfectly named Elves in the Wardrobe. I think the clothes are ridiculously gorgeous, full of bright colours, pixie bonnets and sweet designs. This shoot was particularly fun as I got to have a great chat with the parents whilst running around after these beautiful little beings. I really do feel so very blessed after each shoot, so very grateful that I get to do this in my life, I absolutely love it. 

disclaimer - Yes I was paid for the shoot but I chose to do this blog post out of pure love and enthusiasm and a desire to help a fellow parent succeed in a small business in a tiny town. 




Saturday 5 September 2015


A few rare moments captured without some of the clutter of daily life. xx


Monday 20 July 2015

a reflection

I have written this post quite a few times both here and in my head. Such a time between posts needs a lot of explaining but quite frankly I can't explain my absence other than being totally consumed with life and other things;including a new part-time job here, (which is lots of fun), loads of photography work (wonderful), as well as time spent with children, friends, family, hibernating and enjoying the simplicity of not renovating a house on top of it all (yes we finished, we survived and life is great). 
So, I will say not much more (for now) and let the photos sum up moments from the last six months or so, yes I have even delved into the Christmas holidays as there were photos I just couldn't resist including. 

Our home got well and truly warmed for Scott's 44th, unfortunately this also included one broken ankle, a sprained knee, a computer that got a fair dose of a cocktail, sticky floors and cleaning up around people at 3.30am, needless to say plenty of fun was had.

A much needed weekend away at South West Rocks, thanks so much to the generosity of our dear friends Koo and Roo. What a special place to stay, delightful.

A birthday celebration and a most magnificent housewarming of our dear loved ones; Amy, Steve, Peppa and their beautiful new bub Lily (who is my favourite baby at the moment, we have a romance going on and it is gorgeous).
Keeping our amazing forests and local environment spray-free, we have had some small successes but it is an ongoing battle...grrrrr.
Another great shoot with these lovelies for the beautiful online mag Planthunter, exciting.

I had the great honour of shooting one of my favourite bands; Honey & Knives, great music and absolutely beautiful people, check them out, especially if you are going through a break-up, such empowering and inspiring get over it tunes.

If you ever hear a whisper about these guys being anywhere near you, check them out, a beautifully hysterical family circus; The Pitt Family Circus.

Beautifulness and the aforementioned baby Lily.

Photo shoot for a new side project of Scott's Jealous Wolfe.
Check out the film clip we made.

The most magnificent Jenn Grant (one listen and you will be hooked, absolutely magical). 
Spending beautiful moments with our dear, dear Lily, Saul and Jen. Scott, Jen and I were treated to children cooked meals four nights in a row, in the summer holidays at my Aunt's house in Mullumbimby, such a delight. 

Another very fun photoshoot, but more about this one later.

My favourite festival; The Winter Festival, made me all gushy and full of love for our amazing school and the fact that we are lucky enough to give this gift to our children.
I am quite a bit proud of The Mid North's new album, not that I am biased, but it is absolutely wonderful (I am even backed up by this great review in the Sydney Morning Herald! no less). Check out the new album here.