Monday 13 June 2011

farewell feast

Our home was warmed in the manner to which we have all been accustomed. An evolving parade of colourfully adorned children, tables heaving with delicious pots of food, sweet sweet tunes, the ringing of laughter and most of all the love that radiated from all of our very special and dear friends and family. What a beautiful way to say goodbye, beautiful and so sad. 

photo by Hayley

For the last four and a half years we have had the incredible and delightful luck of being surrounded and loved by some of the most awe-inspiring, beautiful and creative people I could ever have imagined. I have enjoyed relationships that have been so nourishing that they have not only unveiled my hidden creative side but filled me with so much love that they have been the realisation of friendships I had previously only dreamed about.

And now we are leaving. We are leaving this special community for another. A place that currently exists largely in our dreams; a life that is simpler, a life surrounded by more trees, a crystal clear river, lazy days, more time, more handicrafts, music and more time to spend whiling away. We know that it will be hard, we will miss the closeness of those we love the most, we will find it hard to adjust to the newness of it all and working out how do we all fit together in this new dynamic?

So here is this blog that will begin with the end of our time in Sydney and bring you all with us as we explore our new home and our new way of life. The aim for this space is that it will be full of trees, craft, us, adventures and random bits and pieces. Hopefully this will brighten your day and inspire you all in some way or another. xxx