Wednesday 28 December 2011

christmas fun

Merry Christmas everyone, hopefully it was full of love, dear ones, simplicity, ease and deliciousness. 

We spent some really wonderful and relaxing days on the Coast with my family. It was such a delight to gently ease into Christmas and to have Christmas be a time when we can enjoy just simply being in each other's company. So much space was created for each other and for the kids. Over the few days we were on the Coast, books were read, songs were written, laughter was contagious, a film clip partly filmed and two little cups were filled with Grandparent love. In saying this we still had a cooking frenzy on Christmas Eve, juggling and dancing in the kitchen, wondering where the time went and whether it would all come together but then were soon rewarded with a relaxed and delicious feast. 

Framed photo by Cass from Panel Pop, an amazing and quite an emotional Christmas present, heartbreakingly it shattered within minutes of this photo, but have no fear Cass, I have ordered another. Deer is also from Cass, boat, a Christmas present from Poe and Suirya and the nutcracker wooden soldier, $1 from an op shop in Coffs (seriously).

Some exciting, inspiring and thought provoking Summer reads. xx

Sometimes my mum is just too much, I gaze, I am struck, I am in awe of her talent as well as being totally intimidated. 

Another gift from mum, is this not the most beautiful plate in the world?

I did manage a little day trip to Sydney by myself and just 'happened' to visit and delight in the Cornersmith, oh so wonderful, what a space, it feel so solid, so beautiful, so amazing and like it has always been there. Thanks to Ruth and Cam for the bonus Christmas gift of Spiced Cumquats. 

And now I put forth my embroidery piece that I made for Scott, "Dear head", not quite as amazing as mum's but I am totally happy with it, and before you ask, no, I didn't intend for it to look like Scott. The 'Dear head' will be ironed and framed and some point, and hopefully hung over the mantelpiece. 

Oh and before I forget, here are a couple of those op shop finds from the Coast a few weeks ago. Now they are with their intendeds I can share.

Two of these stunning sets belonged to Jen and Rod, they are from Hungary and blow my mind. 

And this little cup had lots of little friends and a big Jug to look after them all. Maybe from Czechoslovakia but can't remember exactly, simply stunning. This troupe are now being loved by Ruth, Cam, Edie and Oscar...yay. 
So great to share such wonderful finds with special friends. 


  1. Ah these things happen. :) LOVE that Hungarian find, way cute. Such a delicious set of photos to look through. Did you make Poe a little fairy ring with little figures? It looks so sweet.

  2. I just saw a post of an amazing long sleeve handmade top on pinterst. Im wondering if you still make these and sell them.

    Thank you in advance

  3. Hi Lori,
    Do you have the link to the pinterest top? I have only made them for gifts but am open to making one to sell.
    with warmth and best wishes


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