Sunday 4 March 2012


Everyday our home is filled with the sounds of guitar/banjo/dobro playing (usually with at least two little ones accompanying), the heavy drone of the sewing machine (it's a bit old) and children playing. And sometimes there is the sound of crying and raised voices, the strange and indescribable sound of the pull of the necessary washing to be done, the clatter of pots to be stirred, snacks to be chopped and then the delight of a whisper to entice you to a soft and quiet space for a snuggle and a book. 
Lately, both Scott and I have been enjoying the way our work, our lives are so creative and luckily how it usually fits right into the flow of the day (with both of us able to drop off and pick up Poe at the bus stop, have lunch together, welcome friends, play with children etc.) 

I like that as I sew and craft on and off throughout some days how it is easily broken in such a wonderful way as I receive at least one, two, three or maybe four children surrounding me to craft along (sometimes they just do their own thing, other times we craft together, all depending on my deadlines). I like that where I craft I am amongst it all, I look at the many windows around me and see Poe, Ilo, Sidney and Ziggy running about in the backyard, their voices are never far from my ears, so I am still able to be very present, although secretly I must admit that sometimes I do wish that I can go somewhere lock the door and sew like an even crazier person, but that is only sometimes and I do suppose I would get quite lonely in there. Luckily I do have one full day a week (in theory) to do that. 

The last week or so has seen the house become a buzz with the excitement that is the launch of Scott's cd, 'You were right about the stars' The Mid North. There have been rehearsals, band t-shirt designing, banjo player bookings, flyer making and some very stressful and frustrating times due to incorrect cd manufacturing argghhh. But n the 17th of March the album will be launched at The Lodge, which will be really fun, basically involving a lot of bluegrass, a lot of whooping and even more hollering. Scott, amongst all the cd stuff up craziness managed to leak a couple of copies about town and has had some really amazing feedback. Last week one track was played on ABC New South Wales and even caused one person in Nowra to pull over, call up Illawarra ABC and then North Coast ABC to try and find out who it was and how she could buy the album, pretty sweet. I will let you know when the cd and digital download is available. 


Hanging on the line are two of the tops that I made for the lovely Joelle (above right) and one for an upcoming market, Made with Love.  Then we have the beautiful Tamsin modelling a top that I made especially for her (she couldn't let Odette and Thea have all the fun).


  1. I'm sitting here in Sydney getting very excited, murmuring to myself, "Hmm. 17th March...17 March" (Sarah recognises the scheming part of my brain kicking in and just smiles knowingly - here he goes again)

  2. Ha, I did have you flicker through my mind as I was writing about the launch. good luck with that scheming, use your years of experience and do your best. xx

  3. How exciting! Love what you did for the cover too, you have the skill my goodness. And those tops...sigh. Beautiful! x


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