Monday 19 March 2012

blast off

Saturday, launch day, started very early as Scott and I awoke before the sun and made our way to the market. Autumn was definitely here as there was a slight but unmistakable delicious chill in the air, the light from the sun seemed to be clearer, cleaner more welcoming and there was a slight crunch underneath as a few leaves had already hastened through the colour changing thing, dried up, given up the tree and made a fast escape to the ground. I love Autumn and these signals make me feel so excited, anticipating the months ahead, cool, crisp mornings, gloriously non offensive days and cooler nights, and all the wonderful sights, tastes and smells of the environment as it changes with the season.

Scott helped me set up for the market and then headed back home to my mum, my aunt, Poe and Ilo (yes an aunt and a mum, both staying at the same time, pretty wonderful), they quickly checked out a fruitful garage sale before going to pick up the amazing Jenny Shimmin, banjo player extraordinaire, who Scott flew up, especially for the gig. Jenny is about sixty, has an awesome on and off stage look (great frocks, lots of black, lots of jewellery) and is in Scott's words 'the best banjo player in Australia', she plays dirty, sexy banjo. Jenny was really excited to have been asked up here, she said that she felt like a rock star.

Scott then had rehearsals, some children juggling, a bit of relaxed market perusing and then up to the Lodge for set up.
Once we arrived (after a few costume changes from everyone in the house, including the smallest members), the place quickly began to fill up, there were smiling faces, gorgeous outfits, delicious smells and the unmistakable buzz of anticipation in the air. Trunk Road started to a packed house all of whom were feasting on the special Bluegrass Fare that the Lodge had created especially for this night; Gumbo, Dirt Root (cous cous and root vegetable tagine), Cajun Fish, and a Pickers Plate, delicious.

As Ilo started to fade around 7.50, I quickly nipped back home to put him to bed, after three songs, mum, Patma and Poe wonderfully came back to tag team with me. It felt really special as I came back to the Lodge, as it was dark by then, the place seemed to glow a wonderful and welcoming warm light and as I came closer the music grew louder and welcomed me, I couldn't wait to get in there. The place was packed, everyone seemed to be really into the music and The Mid North were on fire, on the small space designated for the band there was a banjo player, fiddle, harmonica, double bass, mandolin, back up singer and lead guitar, it looked crowded but it was fun and all the musicians were having a ball. I tucked myself down by the front and delighted in the show, Scott has definitely morphed into a performer since moving up here, not only a stunning musician but also really entertaining, relaxed and self depreciating enough to be a great front person.
Cath Copper, back up vocals, looking awesomely bluegrass in her frock and knee high blue boots
Tanya, owner of the Lodge, being all proud and supportive, we do love her.

The famous Jenny Shimmin
By the end people definitely had an understanding and, for quite a few, a love for Bluegrass. I felt so proud for Scott, to be embraced, supported and loved by so many, to have his amazing talent recognised and admired, pretty great. As you can imagine we spent the rest of the evening having a few drinks and doing lots of chatting and laughing as we caught up with friends, friends that we haven't really spent time with socially; without kids and not just chatting on the street. So 'You were right about the stars' is now officially launched into the world out there, congratulations Scott. Oh and the delicious sounding and looking hard copies are now also available, just email.


  1. What a great day...wish I could have come and so happy for you that it went well!

  2. so happy that I could be there and bear witness to the awesome sound and energy of that night, not to mention the tangible love and support for Scott that was all around... big daddy bluegrass is pretty lucky to have a lovely (and hot! loved your outfit, where is the self portrait???) mama bluegrass supporting him.

    a funny recollection for me was the folks squeezing past the band on stage to get to the loo. can't get more intimate that that!

  3. oh, so glad that you had such a great time, and the love, yes the love was palpable, so beautiful.
    i loved seeing joelle and amber making a dash down the road to the toilets because they didn't want to take away attention from the band! such a wonderful venue and a great night. xxx

  4. Congratulations to you all, because, as you know, nobody does it all by themselves. Also wished I could have been there - my heart was racing just looking at the pictures. Love, Gaz


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