Sunday 25 March 2012

a little ray of sunshine

I was delightfully surprised and honoured to have a bit of sunshine delivered to me via Che and Fidel, one of my most favourite blogs, in the shape of a sunshine award.
To accept there are questions that need some answers, here we go:
Favourite colour? I am quite partial to mustard but have a hard time straying too far from anything green.
Favourite animal? Hmmm, of late I have fallen in love with frogs, green tree frogs to be precise.
Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Rooibos, soy dandy and a range of herbal teas, especially the blends you can get from Alfalfa House; ginger bliss, blue moon.
Facebook or twitter? neither, for some reason they freak me out.
Favourite number? i never thought to have one
Favourite day of the week? friday
My passions? parenting, crafting using recycled materials, caring for our earth as a daily practice, music, reading, my partner and my friends, phew.
Getting or giving presents? giving handmade treasures closely followed by receiving heartfelt gifts.
Favourite pattern? too many to mention, am currently in love with a pattern on a sheet, yellow dandelion accompanied by yellow and red stripes.
Favourite flower? dandelions, daisies, flowers that grow as vegetables go to seed, beautiful weeds that grow in fields that can be picked into a perfectly messy posy.

Now my turn to sprinkle some sunshine to these lovely people,

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  1. Hi Jay, thanks for the sunshine and hasn't the autumn weather been splendid. We have had no phone/internet for the past week, so i have only just noticed this and also wanted to say my favourite colour is green too (I am also partial to red, bright yellow, blue, purple and orange too - it seems I like most colours). Hope you are well, i am still looking forward to that cup of tea and chit chat.....


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx