Tuesday 13 March 2012

derby dolls train

A couple of days ago Joelle told me that she was doing a film about Lily, one of the local Derby Dolls for ABC Open 110%, short films about people who are sports mad, and asked whether I was interested in shooting some stills. Ah, people on roller skates, wearing stockings, stripy socks, cool gear, possibly tatts and doing physically awesome (and a little scary) stuff what sane person could resist? 
So tonight, I jumped on my bike and rode down to the high school, entered the gym and was delightfully transported back in time as the odour of the gym, the flickering of the lights and that weird humming sound ignited my senses. Once I emerged from that, I was able to focus on the task at hand, taking a few snaps of the Derby Dolls in training. Training means practising stops, sliding on knees and lots of strengthening exercises like plank, push ups etc, but this also means no pushing, shoving, rough housing etc and only a little bit of swearing, yes I was mildly disappointed, apparently all that kind of excitement is happening in Coffs on Thursday, I am very tempted to go and see the real action but, hmmm, we shall see. 
Anyway, Joelle, had heard of whisperings of this person called Lily about town, this person who is totally all about the roller derby, once word was out Joelle ( I am guessing) arranged to meet, they met, they chatted, Joelle realised what an awesome subject Lily (totally awesome, assertive, passionate, focussed and super dedicated) would be and that she just had to get her story out there and make a film about her. And here we are.  
I only had a quick chat with Lily before we began, but apparently she has been following my blog, so knew a little about me but as we were swapping tales about how we chose Bellingen as our home, she told me of a time 18 years ago when she was here with an old boyfriend, driving into town she told him " I am going to come back and have kids here one day" and yeah, I guess you can see that she did. I am guessing that this kind of determination makes her pretty kick arse in the world of roller derby. Lily, can't wait to see you in action. 

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