Wednesday 28 March 2012

take 3

Ah Kasundi, how we love you so. Woo found a great recipe and I couldn't help but invite myself to the Kasundi party. Unfortunately at the time we only had enough tomatoes for four jars, but have no fear we put an order in for 3 x 10kg cooking tomatoes, get ready friends, we will be sharing the love. Kasundi, for those of you who can't be bothered to link through is a super delicious indian chutney, the kind of spicy relish that you want to smear on everything, yes everything.
When life/Kombu gives you a box full of banana chillies,

 you make sweet pickles.

 Yes, I am partial to rotting/extremely soft/slightly aged but totally delicious produce.

a seriously amazing vegan chocolate avocado pudding, would be really great as a tart or with some yoghurt, yum.
Tracey, I'll be making this for you soon. xx
Scott was invited to umm, spin some bluegrass cds (?) one compilation cd in fact (yes, it makes no sense), at No. 5 Church St (at last a link, now you can have a close up peek). 
Was really lovely, lots of toe tapping happening. 

Have you heard about Take 3? It is a clean beach initiative (or clean waterways, clean land etc), with a view of encouraging people to basically pick up at least three pieces of litter wherever you see it, hence 'Take 3'. Tim Silverwood, is one of the awesome people behind this initiative which began after he became more and more aware of how much plastic ends up in waterways and then from there, the extreme damage it causes (ending up in the stomachs of fish and birds, around the necks of seals, turtles etc). 
Tim definitely has some amazing tales to tell from travelling the world and seeing this growing problem of disposable plastic through to going on a research expedition to the Great North Pacific Garbage Patch (if this means nothing to you, check this out). Tim is currently heading down the North Coast doing a speaking and film tour, The film Bag It, is an American film about how much plastic is in our lives  and how dangerous it is for us and our planet, even though these are very serious issues the film approaches it in a really engaging and entertaining way.  Poe and I went along to watch the film and hear Tim talk on Sunday evening and really enjoyed the film. Unfortunately Bellingen on this Sunday night was mostly tucked up in their homes, which was really disappointing considering how active Bellingen is on this subject. However, this week, I have been spreading the word about the film and it's amazing how many people were disappointed to have missed it (not sure whether the low numbers were due to a Sunday night, poor advertising or apathy). We are currently talking to a few people working out how to get this film in town again, but on a more regular basis; in the library or being shown at No. 5, so we will see, considering Bellingen is running plastic free April, it is vital more people see this film in town. 

Even though we are very aware and active with regards to this issue, as I am sure so many of you out there are, I definitely recommend making an effort to see this film and ideally hear Tim talk (such a relaxed, inspiring and passionate communicator). Tim is actually a friend from the Central Coast, he was a good friend of my sister's at school and is the brother of a good friend of mine, I am so excited by the amazing job that Tim is doing and it was such a pleasure to have some time to chat and toss around some ideas with him. What a wonderful and beautiful human. 


  1. Hello
    I recently came across your blog via a mention from the Made with Love markets, and just am so fascinated by it. Your and your family project such a warm energy.

    I love your tops that you have been repurposing from old doilies. I think i "need" one for an umpcoming birthday ! LOL.

    Which Belligen markets will you be at? I am a little confused as there now seems to be two.
    I am travelling up, so i would like to make sure i come to the right market.



    1. Hello Kim,
      Thank you so much for your lovely post. I will be at the Bellingen markets on the 21st April, I also sell in town at Wabi Sabi and will soon be opening an online shop, yikes. Where will you be travelling up from?
      best wishes


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