Tuesday 6 March 2012

right now 11pm Tuesday 6th March

Scott and I had just finished watching Louis Theroux on iview, very funny, we are big fans of Louis. Scott then went into our room and found this. So funny and sweet, complete with one foot in the air, can't believe that Poe is fast asleep. 
The big bandage/bandaid on his head is from yesterday when he tripped and fell forehead first into a concrete step, yikes. He was very upset and sore and had a massive egg on his head, a bit of a graze and a lot of a bruise. Poor love.
Ilo has invented his own word for special embraces, 'huggles' he calls them, oh my it definitely makes me melt and smile. Poe was trying to teach him how to say 'cuddle' but both Scott and I were begging him "No we love the huggles".

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  1. *ouch* Poor poppet! Sorry to have missed you today, was getting in the car to do pick-up.


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