Friday 9 March 2012


Tags made from an old Weetbix box

Stripes, spots and a lot of yellow. Gently, gently I have been getting a market stash together for the next couple of markets, Made with Love on Sunday 11th March, the monthly Bellingen market Saturday the 17th and a few extra tops especially for Wabi Sabi, because I love those guys and they asked so sweetly.
Mum arrived yesterday, heavily laden with a suitcase full of fabrics and tablecloths, which she had been collecting, thanks Mum and Phil (my Dad), so great. Already her stay has been so lovely, sitting, chatting, sewing, drinking cups of tea and playing with the kids. I am looking forward to the next two weeks being filled with pretty much that, oh and an album launch, lots of delicious food, a curry night, hopefully a flying visit from my sister and being together to enjoy some more of these glorious autumnal sunshiny days and crisp morns.
Speaking about delicious foods and curry in particular, the other day Scott decided to make Butter Tofu (like Butter Chicken but with fried tofu instead) and without the butter as I am off dairy at the moment. Anyway, to get back on track, it was mind blowingly amazing. It was inspired by the nigella seeds in the dish that Tamsin made for the last curry night, we googled Butter Chicken nigella seeds and found this recipe for a Kashmiri Butter Chicken. Seriously, try it out, incredible. We substituted the cream with some coconut milk, used oil instead of butter and just used raw sugar, and still it was awesome. We were so excited by it that we ran a bowl over next door so that Woo and Eno could try some and they were licking the bowl by the end of it, and casually suggesting that another curry night was in order, Eno even made up an excuse to come over again and managed to sneak a bit more.

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