Saturday 24 March 2012

the aftermath

The days following the launch (and for me the market), felt a little flat, the planning, the lead up, the craziness had all but stopped and things felt a little empty. Luckily, once we gave ourselves permission,  it also allowed for some more relaxed and easy catch-up time with my mum, Patma (my aunt) and for a couple of my days, my dad, so we were able to be pulled from the flatness into loveliness. 

My dad arrived with a basket full of goodness from their garden and their chickens. From the garden came raspberries (grown from a cutting from our Bardwell Valley home), beans, snake beans (and yes I did pretend it was a real snake to Poe and Ilo, Poe fell for it, Ilo did not, evil mum), cherry tomatoes, mountains of limes, massive cucumbers and these amazing mushrooms, oyster and shiitake mushrooms grown from a mushroom log purchased from here. So delicious and exciting, it made me yearn for when we have a bigger garden to play with and the chance to grow copious amounts of food. At the moment, due to us renting we only have a small garden available to us, where we have some decent and interesting bits and pieces but not in abundant quantities. We also haven't really managed to work in the garden bit of our juggle yet, well not as much as I would like, time seems to be sucked away by crafting, creating music, parenting, etc. But yes, I know, it can be done, I just have to make it happen, get this slack arse into gear and create a vision and make it a reality. Hmmmm. Watch this space. 
Ilo and Pepper. Sarah, although it has been months I blame you for Ilo's pose!

After a couple of weeks of eating delicious food cooked mainly by mum* and Scott we all decided to have a break and headed off to No 5 Church Street for their new Super Tuesday organic banquet and Film night.  Unfortunately due to limited time with loved ones, we were missing the film Fuel which looks at how the world is addicted to oil and how to break the addiction, would have loved to have seen it, such a serious and very real subject, wonder how they approached it, hopefully we will be able to borrow it from the local dvd shop soon.
The banquet/ spread put on was super delicious, the type of meal where all the flavours just sit up and scream at you, "eat me" "no me", "no me" and you have no choice but to keep coming back to all these delicious tasty bites and then after eating more than your fill, you feel wonderfully awesome inside and out and you can't help but smile.  
love a line up of crock pots

A new dessert on the menu, made by the amazing Amy (mother of Pepper, and generally a beautiful and smiley soul), named Naughty Autumn, raw and delicious. 

* The reason why there are no photos of mum's meals is purely because my eyes and my stomach had a battle and my stomach won, hence by the time it gave in, the photograph wouldn't have really shown much. But think fish curry, rassam, potato masala, fried fish, cabbage and mustard seeds and all other sort of mouth watering meals. Thanks mum. 

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