Friday 16 March 2012

Old Mill Road

photo by from Old Mill Road
Scott has a friend called James, James was working in Sydney with some people that Scott was also working with when he heard about our move and decided to contact us and then eventually, when he was up our way, meet with us. James had a similar leaving town vision and decided to also make that vision a reality, he applied to be an intern at Old Mill Road BioFarm, and has been having the time of his life ever since. James creates websites for people and thought it would be pretty damn cool to marry the creation of websites and the growing of food, first stop, learn how to grow food in the best way possible. Enter Old Mill Road BioFarm, they are located in Moruya, on the south coast and are a family run business that "aims to enrich local food culture, encourage small scale farmers, connect those farmers to the consumer and promote the idea that we are not superior to the environment but are part of the ecology". Basically, pretty awesome
The whole reason for this post is that I am totally in love with dinners on very long tables preferably outside, in fields, with locally sourced produce and a ton of people to share with, movies like Stealing Beauty had me captivated and Matthew Evan's Gourmet Farmer long table dinners, drooling. Old Mill Road BioFarm recently hosted their first farm dinner table, oh how I wish I could have been there, check out the video on their website (made by the famous James), it is so beautiful, I have watched it over and over. I think that there should be more of these everywhere, building community and highlighting how amazing locally sourced food is. Yum.

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