Saturday 31 March 2012

craftiness and cuteness

A new dress for the markets
made from op shop cotton reel fabric!
It hasn't all been about roller derby, food and bluegrass, there has also been some crafting happening about the place. At the last market a lovely new customer, Anjou and her mum requested ever so nicely that I use the last of this very special green and white leaf fabric to make a dress which was pretty much like the one at the market but just a little smaller. Because of the fabric, it hung really well but for it to look totally awesome we decided to take it in at the waist a bit. This fabric is part of a retro score I found at an oppy at Nambucca Heads (or as Ilo calls it, Nutbutter Heads) but there was only enough of this green fabric for two dresses. Because of this I  decided to do a trial run using a faded blue and yellow floral sheet, just in case I totally stuffed it up. But as soon as Anjou put the sheet frock on, her mum and I gasped, it looked totally awesome, the kind of awesome that conjured a field, frolicking, daisies and sunshine.  So I knew that she just had to have this dress "mock up" as well. Anjou was super stoked that she ended up walking away with not just one dress but two pretty cool dresses and I was happy as she was happy and I get to try this new pattern out on some unsuspecting sheets.

I then spent Jay Day (Thursdays, I go to yoga and then spend the day sewing) at Wabi Sabi with Bell and Danielle, it was really lovely to just sew, chat, laugh, exchange ideas and brainstorm exciting adventures.
These two have so much fun together. Oh so sweet. 

And then today Woo and I spent the afternoon at Weave, they had a crafternoon, complete with chai and cake. I was working on this new embroidery series I have been thinking of, a series inspired by vintage Johnson Bros crockery, of which I have a few. Will give you a peek soon.  

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