Wednesday 4 April 2012


On Saturday afternoon we were invited to Vic and Katie's for an early dinner. They live about 15 minutes drive out of Bellingen at Raleigh, their sweet little home is perched on a hill and as you sit on the front and back verandahs you look out onto bush, rolling hills and a massive sky. Being in this space and having this kind of outlook always unsettles Scott and I, it is wondrous, it is expansive to our minds and bodies and it evokes dreamlike gazes. We often discuss this with friends in town and those out of town, how do you make the choice, in town or out of town? 
The stillness and space does enchant and beckon us and we often give it a lingering glance but then we weigh up our options and resettle back into our dream of being in town. A couple of the biggest things for us in our 'in town' decision is the beauty of being able to walk or ride nearly everywhere along with the idea of showing how it is possible to grow most of our fruit and veggie needs on a suburban block, yes there are other factors but I think these two are the biggest. But that's not to say we won't occasionally let our minds wander and then we will again, stop, discuss and reflect.
Scott, Vic and Katie have formed a lovely friendship, cemented by late nights, music and wine at The Lodge. Scott is not shy in admitting that he has a man crush on Vic, based largely in the magic he weaves with his words as he writes songs for his band Trunk Road. As a family we definitely feel embraced by them and it was really wonderful spending time with them at their home. We were also joined by Chris, the ukulele/harp/piano/guitar player with Trunk Road and his wife Susie as well as Kym Pitman, singer and fiddle player and her partner Frank. Needless to say the porch was put to good use; what is a porch for if not to jam.  
Oh and the light, sun setting on the hills, filling our space smeared with that golden light. Unfortunately I don't feel like I quite captured the magic of that light but it was fun to play with.
Poe and Ilo, filled egg cartons with fallen flowers, built fairy homes, snacked on wild raspberries, laughed at the noises passing cows made, had wheelbarrow races (remember those, you know when you hold someone's legs and they walk on their hands, extremely amusing), joined in the jam, rolled balls down hills, blew bubbles and let their little spirits soar. It felt like a really magical evening, when everything just flowed so effortlessly. 
Katie and Vic's home is quite simple and small in layout, but is absolutely perfect, you really wouldn't need to do anything to it. I am saying this as we are looking at homes to buy and are fascinated by how spaces in homes are laid out and how often the layout doesn't seem conducive to easy living, socially or environmentally, this is definitely one of the best and one of the simplest by far. An open and connected dining, lounge and kitchen with the bathroom off a very small hallway that leads to the two bedrooms. From the kitchen is the back porch, from the loungeroom the front porch, ahh simply perfect. 
It is also scattered with so many beautiful treasures from their many trips around the world, their stories are also delicately spiced with such travels. 

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  1. i hear you jay! i keep pondering the whole live in/out of town dilemna, and one big thing that comes up is kids friendships and health. i hear a lot about damp conditions and related sicknesses in the valley - not sure how it goes in raleigh.

    but that feeling of vast, open, limitless space... i hear you!


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