Sunday 29 April 2012

feast, forty, a fantastic find and some fakes

As I was heading to the Growers Market, I passed this beauty overlooking the river, I gasped, wood shingles, a combustion fire, a little garden and a bay window, I swooned and made sure that the whole family witnessed such a find (and you lovely people). Oh and at the market I managed to score a 10kg+ box of cooking tomatoes for $10! That's right people, that's less than a dollar per kilo and they look awesome and they are chemical free and local, Woo and I have grand plans; more kasundi, more bottled tomatoes and to hunt down the best tomato relish recipe ever (I believe I have already tasted such a relish, but unfortunately the creator wasn't too sure on what recipe they actually used). 
As I mentioned we had planned on Curry Fest at Woolgoolga but rainy weather kept us away, so what were we to do but have our own Curry Fest. It was the usual suspects, our family and Woo and Eno's family but we also had Libby and Zephyr over as well, what a treat. And yes it was amazing, as it always is and yes we ate far too much and yes we even finished it off with an orange and almond cake, just to be sure. 

Now, I totally understand that you may have a slight guffaw at what I am about to tell you but please, hold yourself together, this is very serious and excruciatingly painful. Just as Libby arrived, I greeted her, took hold off her curry and then stepped down to reconnect Ilo with Libby and Sephor, as I stepped I entered the world of clutter that I had been trying to ignore all day as I raced around cooking and cleaning (inside). I stepped with all my might and bare feet into Ilo's ukelele that was leaning against the steps, I stepped onto the metal open back tuning peg, it really, really hurt, but hey Libby just arrived, I continued with niceties and then went to the bathroom and reeled as I saw how there was a 2-3cm square of my foot pad flapping about, holding on by one edge and it was deep, eek. Still keeping calm, i bathed it in tea tree and water and then Scott administered the bandaid, we didn't realise that Libby was a nurse at this point! All was kind of well, I was limping but all fine. 
Hmmmm painful injury by ukelele, hmmm, not really one to brag about, pretty random really. 
Unfortunately, it did get really really sore as the night progressed, so much so that my attendance at Mary-Anne's party was only quite fleeting and I was quite distracted by my foot most the time I was there, so no dancing to great music, and no to making the most of a very sheer and quite revealing gold  dress, I went as Beyonce, albeit a very vague/poor/half-arsed attempt. For those keen eye and long term friends out there, you may very well remember this little number from our famous 'Sexy B*#ch' party, way back when, well before children. 
All the photos in this blog have been doctored using a variety of effects using this great free website called Pic Monkey, people out there with iphones probably already do this, but we don't have one, so it was fun to play around with. 

Mary-Anne as Axl Rose and her sister Robin as, hmm, not sure really. 
Nicole as a Bjork, such a great costume, the swan was magnificent
Scott as Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees. 
These two were amazing, Rick and Eli as Lead singer from Poison and Eli as Madonna. They were quite unrecognisable as their own selves and made such a great entrance.  


  1. OUCH! So how is the foot now? And yes, I knew just the dress before you even mentioned it (jealous you can still wear it!) You all looked great....lovely to see Ilo wearing the tree shirt still xx

    1. still pretty sore, i have been hobbling around everywhere. Yes Ilo loves the tree shirt, well it was the apple shirt but the apples have slowly fallen off, but it looks so great as a tree anyway. Had a look at Pretty Pickings website the other day, your new dresses are amazing, so stunning and the detail! You must have lots of fun making them.

    2. Just read the the last post, sounds oh so sore! The dresses are by far my favourite to date! They are going really well as well which is a fab review online which helped! I'll link it below if you want to take a peek...And yes, I LOVE selecting the doilies to go with each dress (a little sad to cut into them though! The stash is massive so all ok.)

      Your embroidery work is gorgeous, congrats on the first sale at the sure they will all go! Have a nice Sydney weekend, the weather is spectacular at the moment so hope it lasts for you xx


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