Wednesday 2 May 2012


Ilo and I, making haste and chopping up half of the tomatoes I scored the other day, before they start to rot. Due to my debilitated state, my dreams of chutney and kasundi flew out the window til next time but have no fear I was delighted by the opportunity of extending my store of tomato passata. 

Some of you may remember my rather ridiculous injury; hole in foot courtesy of a ukelele tuning peg, well it still really hurts, a hole in my foot the size of 10 cent coin, no skin just the flesh, a few mm down, yikes. The amazing Nicole, came over the other day to tend to me; cutting off the dead skin (she used to be a nurse, not that she wouldn't do that anyway, she is that kind of human), bathing in salty water and heading up to the chemist for supplies to disinfect and wrap my foot, she even made me tea! Such a beautiful, kind and loving act. Mary-Anne and Eli have also popped in on me, thank you lovely ones. So I am still hobbling and disobeying all order to put my foot up because, it is so hard, there is so much that I just want/need to do. Scott has been amazing tending to so many things but even still....
Today, I took some new embroideries of mine up to the 'Everything That's Beautiful' Gallery, for an exhibition that is opening on Friday, yikes. The embroideries are of vegetables, see the carrot to the left, there is also a beetroot (of course), eggplant, cauliflower and tomato. This is the very first time I have ever put anything into an exhibition, so I am pretty excited. And, within minutes of me handing them over to Alex (the owner of the gallery), somebody bought one, a friend of Anka, who was in the shop at the time. I couldn't believe it, I still can't. They bought the carrot, as shown here. I will make sure I take some photos of the other vegetables hanging in the gallery.
Unfortunately due to some very important and top secret business in Sydney this weekend, I won't be at the exhibition opening.

Scott at his Bluegrass Workshop at The Workshop. It was a great success with about 13 banjo and guitar players
attending, from the ages of 15 to 65, think this may be a monthly event.
Woo, entertaining the little people, as i slowly ride up to the Workshop to snap Scott, above.


  1. I can totally see why the carrot sold so quickly! I want to see the others may be I want to buy one too! Gosh you are going to be busy sewing and now embroidering. Hope your foot heals perfectly and swiftly.

    1. Hi Nikki, thanks for the lovely words about the carrot, so kind. And finally I have stopped hobbling so much on my foot, such a relief, was getting a bit frustrated, eek, so much to do, but being slowed down by the foot. hmmm maybe there is a lesson there.
      hope you are well. jay.xx

  2. Hole in your foot! Sounds terrible!

    1. Thanks Rebekka, it is just starting to feel better now. Thank you for dropping by.


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