Thursday 10 May 2012


Unfortunately the super secret meeting I was supposed to be having in Sydney didn't actually happen, but that's not to say that the secret won't eventually happen so stay tuned.
In the meantime, as you can gather, we got some healthy, nutritious and delicious loving up by friends. And so it was at Jen and Rod's, stories were told (and marvelled over), cubbies were built, toys swapped, some lovely and high rotation music shared (Laura Veirs, Tumble Bee has been a huge hit in our home for both young and old) and as to be expected, delicious food devoured. Rod whipped up this divine pear pie and check out the kids faces below as they smell the deliciousness from the pot, right next to the bowl of steaming broccoli.
The beautiful Jen and I, did manage a very brief trip to see Scott play at the Sydney Bluegrass Society gathering at Annandale (which was the other reason for our trip), however after seeing Scott perform 2 .5 songs out of the intended 4, we got the call from Rod that Ilo had woken up, so we quickly dashed back home (they live in the next suburb from Annandale, very convenient) and then we spent the rest of the night, snuggled up on the lounge chatting, totally gorgeous. 
The next morning just before our meeting that didn't happen, I met up/ran into Cass, Zoe and Mia at the Fabric-a-brac (awesome name, huh) at the Petersham Town Hall. Yes, it was totally awesome and I scored big time but as is my op-shop way I was unable to spend very much on the fabric, as awesome as it may be I have a huge block on spending more than $15 or any one fabric, and the $15 I did spend was on 6 metres of beautiful lightweight denim. But I really love being restrained by op-shop price guidelines, things just don't seem as beautiful to me, if I have to spend a lot on it (it kind of enters another realm, the untouchable realm and when it's there, I can look, admire but am able to quell the need to possess rather easily, maybe I am just stingey - did that just sound totally crazy?) But after writing that I have realised a huge flaw, for some reason when I look at fabric like this
online, my heart does soar and my fingers itch (but still I don't buy it, mostly due to it needed to catch a plane to be with me and secondly because the fabric is new, still long for it though), maybe in the 'flesh', the fabric can be reasoned with more, my imagination does not make it even greater than it is because I see it, touch it and hold tight to my purse. Okay, enough, sorry, that was a bit too much internal dialogue that ended up being spewed forth, eek, sorry (will just clean it up now, insert whistling).
I will photograph the rest of my score but it did include some really gorgeous wool (red and speckled for some delicious winter skirts), a beautiful vintage purple/pink and green deco style, little houses on some linen, lots of spotty fabric and my favourite some mustard (yes) fabric with bees on it, c'mon, bees, mustard and a little red somewhere, can't get much better than that, all for 5 big ones, yeehaw. Such a delightful time, and everyone was pretty well behaved, this was a dignified crowd, I don't think I saw one elbow out of place and definitely no running or pushing. I have been toying with the idea of doing a similar thing up here, 'sell your stash', doesn't quite have the same ring (or potential meaning) but am working on it.
I am in the process of starting up an online shop through these guys, Blue Caravan (took a while to decide who to chose but Rod recommended these people and I ended up choosing them because they are an Australian company and they only stock handmade, fair trade and ethical products and I might have a shot at being found on their website, as opposed to etsy). But am feeling very nervous about how to photograph my stuff, unfortunately the bathroom shots aren't quite going to cut it. Any ideas people? My sister was suggesting getting some proper lights but at the moment I don't think I can really afford it. Currently I am thinking of getting volunteers and doing outside shots, or is it better against a plain background? Ideas?
I have also purchased some rubber stamps from these lovely people, to make my tags and care instructions, but still need to order some Versa craft fabric stamp pads.

Argh, so much to do, very exciting though.

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