Monday 14 May 2012


 We've been busy this week, busy enjoying dinners, dinners that have been talked about for many a month but are only now, in this one week, coming to fruition. On the Monday after we returned from our trip we met David, Kelly and Jarrah by the river, the kids enjoyed the refreshing water and we enjoyed watching them and then dismaying as the sun's warmth left and the river was no longer the best place to be. We quickly scuttled off to their home, where a fire was quickly created and a warm bath filled. A lovely and cosy evening.
The next night we headed up the road (literally) to The Purple Carrot, where Amy was celebrating her birthday with lots of colour. Everybody brought a plate of deliciousness (I brought a chickpea slice with some lentil tomatoey sauce, it was a hit). So we feasted, chatted, Ilo fell asleep and then we mosied on home. Check out that gorgeous grin on that stunning woman! Amy exudes that type of energy and delight, pretty much all the time, it is always such a pleasure to be in her company. 
And these two did some very serious playing together. 
Wednesday night we enjoyed some delicious mexican food at our home with the lovely Alice and Jamira, Thursday saw a relaxing, fun and easy evening eating minestrone with Libby, Sepo, Jim, Kayla, Sam, Anais, Melissa, Elyssa and Jethro, phew. This night included lots of hide and seek, couch jumping and delightful giggling. Friday we stuck with tradition and headed to The Lodge. Tonight was extra special as it was Vic's birthday, Scott played a huge part in making Vic feel awesome, lots of hugs, birthday shout-outs and by creating a whole stack of lovely and beautiful Wanted posters (wanted for having too much talent). The Mid-North performed, Scott looked especially hot, something about that vest, shirt and beard, what a combination.
I really love watching Poe and Ilo watch Scott, they gently tap their feet or fingers and quietly sing the songs, usually whilst nodding their heads, such reverence.
The Mid North were in high demand this weekend, they also played at Vintage Espresso on Saturday, had a really lovely easy vibe.
Sorry that was all kind of blurted out with no wit or any added extras, I have some embroidery to do and feel a little torn between this post and the cushions by the fire and my embroidery waiting patiently.
I have been sewing lots of tops today, including some long sleeve ones (thanks for the kick Nikki, will email you some pics so you can get first choice). I am really delighted with the colours I am using at the moment, thanks to a knit score at a garage sale in Coffs, these are very limited items. I promise a post about them soon. Now onto my goat embroidery and the fire and maybe a cup of something warm and delicious, oh and did i mention the vegan tarte tartin i made......
Pssst just so I am not painting a picture of us being totally negligent parents, I would like to note now that all these dinners were remarkably sensible and Poe and Ilo were in bed by 7.30 every night. Please hang up the phone to DOCS right now....... now. 


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see long sleeve tops Jay. And I'm envious of your social life and all that live music you have in your life, which was once upon a time a big part of my life. The last live music I saw was a Justine Clarke concert with River and his friends. I am a big fan of Justine but something for grown ups would be nice soon. x

    1. Justine is pretty cool but I get your point. Is there much music happening in your area. Will hopefully get the tops photographed today. xx

  2. Yes... I am finding myself thinking 'how do they fit all this in?!'... but then I thought about it and realised there was no mention of watching 'Selling Houses Australia'... or any other crap tv! Hmmmmmm.... food for thought...

    Jay, speaking of calling Docs, I had a piece published on Mia Freedman's Blog, - It's called 'Parent FAIL confessions', published a week ago (Fri 11th May). I have been expecting Docs on my doorstep ever since!

    Loving reading your blog and seeing your gorgeous pictures. You are a really good photographer. Everything seems to bathe in this golden light...

    Tell Scott we have, 'Here's to Bluegrass it's where I found my home' on high rotation on the pre school run.


    1. Ha yes, no tv in this house, however Scott and I can sometimes be found watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on iview, we love it (her clothes are amazing and she is such a strong awesome person). Haven't read your piece yet but I will, I am intrigued.
      Scott loves you have his song on high rotation especially for the preschool run.
      Oh by the way, my friend Amy grew up in Bellingen, so no not from Woollahra. So glad you are enjoying the blog, much love to your beautiful family,


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