Friday 25 May 2012

heart parenting is not just for parents

Hi I know I have mentioned this before but unfortunately the previous course didn't run in May but it is now being run in July to make sure as many people can get a chance to come. 
Scott did this course up here in Bundagen (you can read more here) and it has really changed him for the better, yes even more awesomer. Here is what he said:
"It made me not just a better parent but a better husband and a better person.  I did the course because I realised that there was no joy in winning a fight with a five year old and I needed to work out how to prevent those situations.  But the course gave me so much more.  It's made me a more compassionate person and a better communicator which in turn has made my life easier at home and beyond.  It's the best thing I've ever done."
It is such a beautiful and amazing course, I loved having chats with Scott afterwards about stuff that had come up with him. It was also so different to just reading a book, the activities and open conversation made it very hands on and allowed for more immediate change. 
I will definitely be doing it next time it runs up here and Scott wants to do it again, just to keep it all fresh. Some of us are even looking at trying to get it into Chrysalis so that the teachers have these beautiful tools and then they (and the parents) can have it as part of the children's lives (but that's a work in progress). 
So if you can try to make the Sydney course or if you know someone in Sydney who might be interested please pass this on. 

Heart of Parenting course - in Lane Cove on 22nd & 29th July - Rare opportunity

 If the cost is an issue, Jo can do payment plans.

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