Wednesday 9 May 2012

and then

After we tore ourselves away from the sweet embrace I mentioned in the last post we braved a beautiful example of Sydney traffic (Surry Hills to Arncliffe in 1hour ten minutes, about 12km, ah, good times) to land perfectly into the warm and welcoming arms of Tracey, Vince, Remy and Jenna. Poe, Ilo and Jenna, knowing that at this hour, 6pm, time for play was limited, got straight into a good ole fashioned game of twister. Ilo twisted like he has been twisting his whole life and not once did he get distracted by Jenna's pyjamas! 
 Scott and Vince did some serious and passionate brainstorming about possible work ventures (for Vince not Scott) and along with Tracey did their best to try and ease a stalemate that Scott and I found ourselves in over future abodes (will discuss more later, but you can breathe easy, stalemate temporarily over). When all this wasn't happening Tracey and I made sure that we caught up on everything and showered each other with lots of hugs and love. Again, no pictures of Tracey, very hard to photograph someone when you are hugging them or being hugged by them the whole time.
A quick stop in Newtown and we found Ted and Cass at the end of their garage sale trail. You should have seen Cass's button score, seriously the best ever button score I have ever seen. Oh my goodness. She also, very sweetly gifted us with a gorgeous old floral print, she knows what we love. 
How lucky are we, so much love in such a short amount of time. We got seriously loved up by Ruth, Cam, Edie and Oscar (and a brief appearance by the beautiful Dom). More gorgeous chats, huggles and  infectious laughter. So great that this time we also got to have some time with the beautiful Cam.

Yes there are two pictures of Ruth and Oscar, consecutively and I am very happy with that, in my world, there is no such thing as a Ruth and Oscar overload.

Such sweet times make my heart full but also makes it miss them just that bit more. 
But you should see what we have been doing in Bellingen this week,  a salve to my saddened heart.

* See I could go on about the crap traffic, the wind that was just beginning the make everyone a bit crazy, the awful and relentless cough that Ilo has or how frustrating a stalemate can be, but I save all those bits for my nearest and dearest.

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  1. sweet one, have you tried Greenridge's cough relief for Ilo? It has always worked a treat for us (and Che!)

    I answered your lens question in the post.

    Also, so much beauty here...and I do like that you keep the mundane for home (I do too!)

    But as for your stalemate about future abodes...D and I often reach this point. I'd be happy to listen to you my love x


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