Thursday 31 May 2012

a trivial tale

Sure, I have frequented the odd pub trivia night, I have in my past dabbled in the art of Trivial Pursuit but I declare this was the first time that I have attended a Trivia fundraiser night and basically I cannot wait til the next one. Yes, despite our failure to secure any real success, the Trivia fundraiser circuit is strangely alluring. 
Woo, Ginger and myself with the assistance of our costume stylist Scott, donned suitable Fairytale themed attire (I went as the Queen of Hearts and Ginger and Woo went as Rock-a-bye Baby, complete with black leather rocker jacket). By the time we were ready to leave, Scott was reading to four children in bed, with Ilo fast asleep in our bed, he had generously offered to look after Sepo for Libby and Ziggy and Sidney for Woo and Eno (Eno was called out to a bonfire that wasn't supposed to be a bonfire, he is a fiery). Go super Scott, your awesomeness was greatly appreciated.
The fundraiser was for the local steiner daycare, Dawn Song, to raise funds so that they can build better disability access around and in the centre, for one particularly special child, Mala and any other future children who may also need such support. The night was a huge success and they raised lots of money, which was wonderful. 
Our trivia team was The Sponge Crumpets, it was a hilarious table to be on, full of wit, humour , plenty of nonsense and lovely friends. David and Matt (pictured above) were amazing fairy godmothers and did a crowd stopping interpretative dance routine, hilarious. 
I loved that by the end of the night, my cheeks were hurting from smiling and laughing constantly throughout the night. Yes, it was totally raucous and at times totally nonsensical and as I mentioned, I can't wait to do it again, but I also really want Scott to have this much fun as well.   
And amongst it all, this piece of gorgeousness, slept undisturbed whilst collecting millions of ooh's, ahh's and uterus clenches. 

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