Wednesday 30 May 2012

not quite a day in the life

 Last Friday was a bit of a crazy day. After a slow start it was kicked off by a seemingly harmless cup of coffee. Harmless to most people, yes, but totally crazy for somebody like me, who can't really handle her caffeine. But I was a little weary after a few late nights embroidering (i know, i know, but i was having too much fun, sleep did take a back seat, but oh so much fun) and I knew we had a few things on that day, so I did indeed throw caution to the wind and kind of deny any ill effects. Is this, as a parent, totally irresponsible? Hmmm, there were moments when I did second guess my choice.
So..... at about 11am (1/2hour after ingestion of said coffee), I was walking home with two of my lovelies (Scott and Ilo) and I noticed the grass was a surreal and slightly animated green, this coffee was a lot stronger than I thought. So what was I to do but call around to my friendly neighbours and then spend a decent amount of time speaking at an unusually fast pace, after much laughing and fidgeting I decided that this kind of vibrancy, zest and energy basically called for some crafting.
So I came home and ended up sweeping, but my gosh what productive sweeping it was and then, looking at the time realised that I had to head back into town for a little farewell soiree for Wabi Sabi. Yes, Friday was it's last day. It was a lovely send off, very sweet, a little sad but also very exciting about what the future holds. Luckily they were totally oblivious to the effects of caffeine streaming through my veins but after a (very small) glass of champagne, I was seriously questioning my decision to have that coffee, I was taken back to those days before kids where you would have Friday lunchtime drinks that blurred into an afternoon off and an evening of 'socialising', an evening where anything was possible and you had not a care in the world. But, 'hey' I thought, I have lots of cares in my world so . I took a few deep breaths and a stern, 'you are a parent' talking to and I could feel the cloak start to lift and I set off home for the next part of the day (the grass had stopped being so luminescent and my thoughts and voice had calmed considerably).
photo by Nick, check out his work, he is totally amazing.
hmmm my hands do seem to be holding onto that camera just a bit too tight me thinks.
The next part of the day included listening to some beautiful singing, getting little people all rugged up, wiping blood from the walls (after Ilo accidentally stepped on Poe's sore toe and released the blood from under his nail) and getting everything together in time for the 9 x the do exhibition opening. Lauren the creative master behind  9 x the do  had a beautiful opening showing of her gorgeous ceramic pieces and sweet drawings to the town. She generously insisted on keeping my three remaining pieces up, which was even more lovely as one of them (the tomato) sold on the night, thanks Lauren, you are super awesome.
Lauren, taking down the orders, making the big bucks.
For a couple of weeks prior to the opening Scott and Charlie (pictured above) had been rehearsing at our home and oh my goodness. I think if I could chose a singing voice (I cannot sing), I would choose a voice like Charlie's, amazing. Sexy, strong, sweet and fun. They did a few covers which included; 
* In Spite of Ourselves - John Prine and Iris DeMent You must check this song out, it is awesome and hilarious, some friends, Matt and Lisa performed it at their wedding a few years ago and it was a hit. 
* My First Lover- Gillian Welch - you probably all know this song, oh my. if you don't, check it out now and if you have never seen the filmclip, please treat yourself. 
and a couple more.
I would love to see these two perform more together, it worked so well. Such a delight. Here is a little bit of a clip of them at the opening. 
After Scott finished we then headed up to the Lodge for dinner and to watch Scott play with The Mid North, two gigs in one night, totally rock. 

* I didn't get to sleep til about 2 the next morning, I did stay up til 12 embroidering goats and then i lay in bed for at least two hours with images of goats flashing through my head. 
* No children were harmed in the making of this day. xxx

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