Monday 7 May 2012

Slowly slowly

Last night we returned from our quick secret sojourn in Sydney town and now I have just uploaded all my photos and was looking at doing a massive whirlwind post but no, I exhaled, I looked at these first few pics and felt wonderfully happy to just gaze upon them. So here we are for a brief but nourishing visit to my parents place. This place exudes love and ease, the welcome we get from my parents as soon as we walk in the door, the hot water bottles in our bed (we arrived Thursday night, around 10pm), the plate of freshly picked raspberries waiting patiently for some little fingers and eager mouths. So much thought, consideration and love. When we land here, it is always so hard to leave this sweet embrace.

Ilo and some ice-cream beans. Poe has a this tree at school and
loves telling people he gets to eat ice-cream everyday!
Aquaponics at work plants growing by absorbing the excess nutrients in the water
that comes from the fish growing tank.

My dad's new chicken tractor that he made with Poe, using old bread trays.

Unfortunately the other morning my dad came in with a dead silver perch in his hands, he thinks he lost about 10 due to an old ph test, that is giving false readings. We all felt awful for him, he was really saddened, he had given a lot of love and care to these fish and was really delighting in seeing them thrive (they reached about 15cm). He knows that mistakes have and will be made and that it's all part of learning, but still a real bugger.

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  1. are adorable and I'm swooning over your overalls. I can't wait to chat with you at Bamboo Buddha x


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