Saturday 21 April 2012

forward lurch

Scott's birthday cake from Ilo, Sidney, Poe and Ziggy
Yes, well, just as you were settling into our Sydney trip I thought I would mess everything up by skipping forward in time to today. Today is a great place to be and this particular today included a fair amount of just about everything (you know of course by saying 'everything' I mean a few random things, probably around 10 or so, everything does sound better though). Awake at 6, to greet the day, not by choice and not by children but by the need to go and set up the market stall. 6 is especially hard when you go to sleep at 1, this time by choice and not by children. 
Last night Scott AND I, went out together, to a party that started at 8. Those parents amongst us have surely gasped and most likely passed out at the thought and quite frankly I wouldn't blame you, when was the last time you went to a party that started at 8, in the evening? We had a very good reason though, we were attending the lovely Joelle's 40th and what an affair it was.  To get really dressed up and get to hang out with my love and lots of other lovely people, with no children around, lots of music, alcohol, a crazy amount of delicious food laid out on a sumptuously decorated long table, delightful and amusing conversations followed by dancing in the lounge room -uh huh, dancing, inspired by the moves Steve had been delivering around the place, the lounge room was soon full of smiling and delighted dancers, it was a real and very different treat. It was definitely very removed from our day to day reality, very adult and really conjured up memories of a time before children and I guess a glimpse of a time somewhere into the future (the distant, distant future).
I can hear you shuffling with discomfort in your seats, WHERE WERE THE CHILDREN? Well, we took Poe over to Woo and Eno's at bedtime, for a sleepover and Ilo came with us and slept on Joelle and Steve's bed, a sight that brought back many a warm childhood memory for me. So, there you go, children accounted and cared for. But gee, truth be told, I did miss them, I missed Poe as he slept in a home just metres from ours and I missed Ilo at the party even though he was in the next room, I guess this was because this party was so removed from my life as a parent. I ate slowly with conversational breaks, I got to kiss and cuddle Scott a lot, I got to dance with other adults and I got to catch up with people and break through some layers rather than sitting with surface chat. It was a fun time. 
Now where was I?
Markets. Had another lovely day at the Bellingen Community Markets, chatting with lots of people and selling some of my wares. While I was doing this Scott was enjoying his 41st birthday (yeehaa) by hanging out with Poe and Ilo and playing at Roots Records for International Record Store day and at Vintage Espresso (there is a pic on their facebook page of Scott). Together from our craftiness we made enough money today to cover rent and food (a big stock up shop) for the week, we were pretty chuffed by that. 
We also made the executive decision to keep Scott's birthday going for the whole weekend and probably into next week sometime, as today there wasn't much space to indulge him, cherish him and celebrate him, the way in he deserves.
Here are some of the new tops that I made for the markets (by 'some of' I mean 'some of', i.e. not all of the top, just the middle bit or the lower edge, just keeping you intrigued really). 

Next post, be prepared to be flung bottom first into the past, that deep murky world where so much lingers, for (trumpet call) the rest of the Sydney trip. Believe me I can feel the anticipation from here.  
There are also no guarantees that I will resume my usual mundane, brief and less rambling text, beg as you might. 


  1. Hi again Jay, I popped back to check something I was reading here yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find a new post! Lovely. And a reply comment from you. I am such a Jude Blereau fan I look forward to reading about the seminar you attended. This morning in between pottering, cleaning and child wrangling I have immersed myself in the pages of your blog. Such a beautiful story so much of which I can relate to...leaving the big city, Steiner education, whole food cooking, sewing, music...which by the way, if you don't already have one have you considered setting up an etsy shop? I and I'm sure many other readers would love to buy one of your gorgeous creations. I noticed in a previous comment Jodi from Che & Fidel asked the same and you offered to make something with her measurements. If you haven't since set up a shop online that I can't find I'd love to be able to place an order for a top for myself. I so look forward to reading more. I feel like I've stumbled upon a little window into the world of life in Bellingen. Bye for now, Nikki

    1. Hi Nikki,
      I am currently exploring my options outside the world of etsy (i feel like i will get lost in there, even though you can still link directly), there is one place in particular that I have set my eyes on, which is pretty exciting, I will keep you posted. But in the meantime I would love to make you a top, do you like the embroidered tops or the t-shirts? They are between $45 and $50 dollars, depending on the fabric. Hope you enjoyed the post about the Jude seminar, I also have lots of other notes, so if you want more I can email you. my email address is jayandthetrees at I have also been trawling through your blog, thanks for the tip re veggie num num, how amazing does that kofta korma look, as you have probably gathered we are huge fans of koftas and curries in this house, yum. And the independent play post had some really lovely ideas, loved the setting up of things for the kids to play in the morning, unfortunately i couldn't get the link to work for the inspiring ideas. haven't quite had the time to trawl through everything but i can't wait til i do. best wishes Jay


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx