Thursday 26 April 2012


a little afternoon tea party for Scott, complete with Matthew Evans ye oldey appley cake, yum.
As I mentioned in my last post it was difficult leaving some special friends in Sydney, those friends with years of knowing, of love growing stronger, of trust, of joy. So it was really lovely to return home to an email from 5 Church St inviting us to a secret night, drinks and food on them, what could it be? With little digging we found out it was Steve's, one of the awesome people who make this place happen, birthday. It was a great (and late) night with a real sense of being enveloped into the community. The beautiful pack of children playing and laughing outside was pretty awesome and everyone was really relaxed and delighted to be there. It was a night of random conversations in the kitchen, discussing exciting plans for the place and finding connections in unexpected places. 
No, it wasn't like having my dearest friends with me but it was still really nice.
Ilo, Scott and Chris getting their busking on
Last night we squeezed into Amy's place for a mexican feast, complete with fancy dress. Beans, nachos, sangria, mulled wine, pickles, fetta, two separate red cabbage and carrot salads as one is never enough and some delicious apple, crunchy coconut cake. sweet.
And a couple of pics from Joelle's 40th. Photos courtesy of the amazing Steve. 
This weekend we have a Mary-Anne's 40th, dress up is any top 40 star from the last 40 years, hmmm, not sure what to go as yet, Cyndi Lauper, Bjork, Beyonce, hmmmm. Scott is also running his bluegrass workshop and starting to film another filmclip for one of his songs. We also hope to go to Curry Fest in Woolgoolga, should make for some interesting pics.

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  1. Your friend Amy looks really familiar. Did she grow up in Willoughby... And if so, say hi from the Luchettis! xx Emma


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