Thursday 19 April 2012

bit by bit

I was intending on doing a whole big catch up post about our trip but then realised that I wouldn't be able to focus on some very special bits as much as I would like, so i decided to take it slow and just show you bits of our trip, bit by bit. I will however say that time spent with a few very very very special friends, warmed our hearts, nourished our souls, dried some (namely my) tears and made leaving all the more difficult.
After a day of rest at my parents we began the whirlwind Sydney tour. First day, first stop Dangar Island, to visit my sister. 
Suriya has recently moved to a new home on the island and it is pretty sweet, complete with more day beds that you could ever want (which I guess is probably the right number), and sweet sweet corners of utter beauty. It is lovely to see her aesthetic sprinkled perfectly around the home. I particularly love this outdoor room with magical views of the river. After much playing in the park she gave us a quick tour of the community garden her and her partner have been setting up on the island, it is amazing what they have achieved, complete with handcrafted stone retaining walls.

Next stop Campsie to the welcome embraces of Gary, Sarah, Stella and Mira. We landed devoured an amazing lunch and homemade "chocolates" (carob), fed the chickens, laughed chatted and squeezed in heartfelt and beautiful conversations and a bit of guitar playing, so time efficient. So deliciously easy. 
From there we went to a farewell for Matt, Lisa and Otis at Alexandria (yes we are still on day one!). Matt is heading off on a great adventure with the Caravan of Comics to New York, Vermont, Toronto and Chicago while his amazing partner Lisa and awesome child Otis head to India to hang out with Lisa's sister and her daughter for a month. Do you need to read that sentence again? How exciting and awesome is that, go you three. They then meet up in America somewhere and hang out together as a supreme family unit. 

Phew and then we drove back to our old hood to the warm and welcoming embraces and smooches from our old neighbours and beautiful friends, Tracey, Vince, Remy and Jenna. It was here we exhaled, we fell about on couches, laughed with glasses of wine in our hands and dined on more delicious food. Unfortunately even though this is where we were based and spent most our time I failed to take any photographs. Shocking. I checked and double checked but no. I think the problem was that I was just to relaxed and to busy being squeezed, nourished and loved, and quite frankly photos really wouldn't do that justice. Thanks beautiful ones for always welcoming your home to us, it is truly amazing.
The next day I was very fortunate to get some extra special cuddle time with this new little person, Lenny. Welcome little one. And amongst all that cuddling I had some lovely chats with Ollie, Morgan and delightful snippets from Lulu and Iris.  

As soon as we were able we hurried into Tempe Op shop and found this wonderful 'gift' a vintage magnetic  play set, really sweet and lots of fun. I also found a great pair of jeans/pants complete with some red trimming, putting it that way, hmmm they really do look better than they sound, I have been wearing them lots. After a couple of days I realised that they were Queen pants, this great designer in Melbourne, whom I have coveted pants from before but have never been game enough to splurge. Thanks Tempe Op shop. 
Is that enough for now? I hope so. 


  1. So lovely to find your blog via Che and Fidel. I live by the beach in Victoria but have traveled through Bellingen and surrounds and enjoyed reading about it here. Beautiful pics and words. Enjoyed too the Steiner kindy harvest photos. My boy has started school at the local public primary school this year I miss our Steiner kinder. Lovely pic of the harvest mandala.

    1. Hello Nikki and welcome, thank you so much for dropping by. Firstly how amazingly wonderful is Che and Fidel, Jodi is pretty awesomely inspiring. I had a quick peek at your blog and have now firmly secured it with a bookmark, i immediately settled into the couch and gazed at those photos and your words about your two beautiful children (and i love their names), such sweet reflections. I then stopped at the second post about Jude Blereau and smiled as my next post will cover the seminar i went to with Jude, Holly Davis and Rosabala Courtney, it was so great, inspiring and affirming.
      best wishes

  2. Oh jay, it's all so beautiful. I'd love to write a story about your sister. Do you think she'd be interested? X


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx