Wednesday 21 March 2012

swearing and pushing

I couldn't resist, I had to see more and although this wasn't a full comp game (I think the next one is in June), it was pretty impressive. What I loved seeing was all these women, of all beautiful shapes and sizes, totally focussed, doing really physically challenging things. Not only were they pushed and shoved but they worked their arses off speeding around the track, keeping together with the pack or pushing themselves through and past the pack. I also loved seeing what an awesome time they were having, they love it, really, really love it.
One of the seven refs. Especially needed as this sport has more rules than any other sport, 47 pages worth, I think.
The sound of the skates going around the track was pretty compelling, you could hear the speed, the clutter and the clacketty clack of the skates as they build momentum, the screech, the scratch as they slow slightly around the corners.
the hugs, the love, after the game.
Steve filming a start.

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