Tuesday 28 February 2012

Faraway friends up close

I had the good fortune of meeting Tamsin back in, hmm 2004 or even 2003 when we were both doing a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing at University of Technology Sydney. In the very limited time we spent together we just clicked. Tamsin, who was pregnant at the time of us meeting, seemed so calm, wise and fun (she has one killer smile), I couldn't help but be drawn to her. In the few months we had together, before her and Adam moved to Melbourne, we had a lot of fun, we half celebrated NYE together (half as my brother ended up with a firework spark in the eye, so myself, my sister and a friend spent NYE in hospital with him), I got to hang out with baby Thea, they came to our wedding, we travelled to Beechworth and went to their wedding and that's about that. Since then we have only seen each other maybe three times and from there the rest of the friendship has been built on 'to the point', incredibly nourishing and beautiful telephone conversations, far too many to count 'snap' moments and the exchange of beautiful and heartfelt gifts.  
So you can imagine my excitement as I counted down the sleeps until Tamsin, Adam, Thea and Odette arrived. Now Bellingen is a considerable distance from Melbourne and taking into account they were driving, I can't actually say that they came for us alone, no, they had already spent a few days in Bega, a couple of weeks in Sydney, some time at Crowdy Bay and a little farmstay at the one and only Marook Farm, no less (you know that place with those amazing biodynamic yoghurts in glass jars). And from here they are gently making their way up to the Daintree and then to Darwin, The Kimberley and then straight back through to home. What an amazing, challenging and enriching adventure they have in front of them. 
They arrived on the Sunday and left on the Saturday and we loved it, it was easy, very real, insightful, and such a treat. There were feasts and many nights and some days filled with lazing on the couch and talking and talking and talking, there was yoga, massage, red wine, beer, a gypsy band and laughter. Thank you guys, we feel so honoured to have had such a big chunk of time with you all. We miss you already. 

Scott teaching Adam a few basics to take on the road. 

Cass, take note, these tortilla's were made by Adam from scratch, yep, they were amazing. We also tuned into some Mexican digital radio to get into the mood. 

Oh we miss these faces. Thea had the idea for me to make her a bolero. I had never made one before and felt a little out of my depth, but I based it on Annie's bolero, and downsized and fooled around a bit and they looked great, Thea and Odette (yes she quickly lined up for one), didn't take them off. Poe has also requested one.

We also had to have another indian feast, here is Woo modelling her beet top. 

Okay first an apology to all those visitors who have made the trek to us in Bellingen, who have swam in the Never Never Creek, who have like us, adored the surroundings and left with sated smiles. We are sorry, we are sorry that we hadn't discovered this place first, we are sorry that you will just have to come up and drive to the Promised Land and experience the most awesome swimming hole ever, yes ever. This place feels like it has delved into (as Tamsin put it) those guided meditations about imagining a swimming hole with clear water, trees and shade, sand with some pebbles and if you look into the distance a rope swing. Even Adam, Tamsin, Thea and Odette were impressed and they had just come from the stunningly beautiful far south coast and it's surrounds where they had delighted in the granite carved slide at Mumbulla Creek Falls, granite rock beaches, a magical lagoon and a flying fox into the dam (ok, the rope swing didn't quite compete with the flying fox with regards to thrills) but this place is seriously amazing. 
The reason why we had never been here before was that there are usually quite a few cars parked by the bridge where you start the adventure and that has always put us off, but there is heaps of room around here and some rapids and another swimming hole further up if you need a bit of peace and quiet. Okay, sorry, enough now. 
Jenna, Remy, Tracey and Vince, I was especially thinking of you all, when we visited this place, you are going to love it.
Oh and we had a curry picnic that definitely added to the "this place is awesome" feel, perfect company, location, weather and food.
Oh and I also had the honour of giving Odette her first haircut, I consider myself very lucky to be the one chosen to chop so many locks. Poe also wanted a new style, a new style so that when people saw him they had to stop and look and say "is that Poe?". I think it does that and besides getting used to a cold neck he is really enjoying it.

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  1. Wow that creek looks incredible! What a beautifully relaxing week you've all had, it looks divine. And yum on the feast! YUM!


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