Monday 6 February 2012

the very first day


Yes, finally we made it to Poe's very first day of school, oh my goodness. Poe was super excited as he planned his outfit, demolished his breakfast and got ready for his day ahead. I was experiencing a number of lumps in my throat as we headed there, but managed to breathe through them and experience joy and excitement for Poe (this can't be said of my journey home!) It was lovely seeing all Poe's friends and their parents, we settled straight into winding yarn into balls, then making the art folders, drawing pads (which you lean on when using the beeswax crayons), and twisted yarn for attaching a little folder to the children's bags, it was a really lovely atmosphere, everyone working, chatting, a real buzz in the room. We then enjoyed a delicious morning tea, a story and a couple of songs. It was around then Poe asked when we were going to go, I loved that he was so ready (sob).
With a very special cuddle and kiss, we were sent on our way. Our original plan was to pick him up from school but Poe was very keen to catch the special Kindy/Year One bus with his friends, and so he did, he looked so big yet so small hoping off the bus (yes, sob again). Once off the bus we went along with two other families to the Gelato Bar to celebrate the occasion and to squeeze in just a little bit more play.

I did have a cry on the way home from school and then felt a bit empty, the idea that he is now really on his journey into the 'real world', the years stretching ahead of school and beyond, even though it has always been a forward journey, this just marked a massive moment. I am also so excited for him and can see how much he loves being at school and with his friends.

At dinner tonight we were talking about school and asking about his new teacher, Connie, and what it is like having a different teacher from Paige and Poe replied "She is good, I like all teachers. But Mumma and Dadda.......they are not as good as you". Oh darling one.
(Will explain about Poe's foot in the next post)


  1. It's so wonderful that he was just so perfectly ready for his big adventure. I feel like a failed attachment parent because I didn't cry when Harriet went off to school! :)

    Love your outfit Poe, it's just beautiful. And I think you look very big coming down off the school bus. I'm glad Connie is a good teacher, it's so important to love your teacher. x

  2. yes well, myself and a few other ap parents have been talking........xx


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