Friday 3 February 2012

False Alarm

Okay, so Poe did not actually start school on Wednesday or Thursday or Friday because, well because the bridge just before the school was flooded, which means you can't actually get to the school. So we have been waiting, the anticipation has been building and we hope that there is no more rain for a while so that we can really have a good stab at this school thing.  In the meantime...
  Eagle-eyed followers of this blog, may recognise these delicious fabrics, oh yes, I received a very beautiful surprise package from Cass, the tablecloth on top is amazing, I feel very honoured to be entrusted with it. Thanks Cass, as I mentioned, it made my day.
 I was recently asked to create a very special piece for a friend's child,  it was hard to figure out, it gave my brain a work out, but when I got it, I felt pretty happy. I was really honoured to create this piece as it has a really beautiful purpose. I will post more photos and more information soon.
Catching up with the newspaper inserts/junkmail (Tracey your influence is far reaching).
I love it when the really simple pictures just say so much, check out the expression on that birds face.
Celebrating Finlay's 6th Birthday complete with a pink Combine Harverster

Oh and more of the usual. 
Amidst all this Scott was working like a totally awesome crazy person, three jobs at once at times (music and sound for a pilot children's show, mixing promos for the History Channel and a top secret project).  He was also managing the final touches for his cd artwork and the mastering of said cd, hmmm it was really intense for him and was happy when things were able to be ticked off and finished with. As we are finding this seems to be the way with freelance work, times of total insanity broken by weeks of absolutely nothing. But it's working for us and we are pretty grateful. 

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