Sunday 12 February 2012

beets and a clip

Scott, Ilo and I took Friday morning off and embraced the sunshine as we went on a little bike ride (little but very strenuous, up one very long steep hill) and made our way into the bush for a walk. It wasn't a long walk but it was very peaceful and saturated; we stopped and looked, we stood and closed our eyes as we took deep breaths, we discarded our shoes and felt the earth beneath our feet, we pried off leaches and had a little fruity picnic. We will definitely be spending more time in this neck of the woods.

This attractive looking vegetable print to the left is a little sneak snippet of a gift I am crafting for a friend. I haven't done freezer paper stencils in a while so this was a real treat. I am quite smitten by this beet but am very limited by the freezer paper as to how many times it can be repeated, i say three, max. I do intend to continue my beet love my doing a much smaller beet stencil for a t-shirt I have recently made, will show you soon. I love the beet.

Yesterday I had a very different day. I was helping these guys film shoot (ahem) a filmclip for a local band. I was hugely nervous beforehand but it all turned out to be pretty relaxed and a lot of fun. It was also a really great opportunity to get those film skills up (which i mentioned in previous post as to being quite crap).


  1. Oh my goodness that beet is DIVINE! You are amazing! And how beautiful does that neck of the woods look, I love it!

    How exciting about the film clip, you'll have to link to it when it's all done and dusted.


  2. Oh and ps - what on earth *is* freezer paper?


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