Tuesday 31 January 2012

to Kombu and back

Yesterday's trip to Kombu, doing a big shop and back.

 The sun graced us for maybe a good day and a half, it was glorious, we managed a pool party, this trip up the road and then it started raining again. 

Poe starts school tomorrow, my heart keeps doing little grabs as I think of this. I am very excited for him but also sad that I won't have him around as much, I do love his company. At Chrysalis they are very much into being aware of the children's needs and encourage parents to not do the full five days a week for the first year if it is too much for the child.  When I first heard this I remembered talking to my dear friend Ruth about her sister-in-law who looked at how her daughter was responding to school, whether she felt tired, not stimulated, over stimulated etc and tailored her schooling (a blend of public school, steiner and homeschool) and her attendance accordingly. It worked really well for them and just knowing that this was possibly was quite liberating for me, it also helped to know that her sister-in-law is a teacher and knew what she was able to do. 
So we will be watching Poe and seeing how he deals with five days, or giving him a rest after four, or having two days on one day off and two days on again, who knows, but I love that we are encouraged to do this.

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  1. Kombu looks gorgeous! Glad to hear you got a little peek of sun too, it just helps to lift your mood, doesn't it? especially since it is supposed to be summer! *grump*

    Lovely to hear the school encourages such a flexible approach to his attendance. You watch - he'll be begging for five days before YOU'RE ready! With our one I don't care what the school says, I just listen to Harriet. :)


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