Friday 6 January 2012

reflecting and aspiring

What a year 2011 was, dreams were realised and adventures undertaken, some things were really difficult and very taxing, others enlightening and magical. In 2011, I felt the pain of leaving so many wonderful friends, the uncertainty of a new life and the challenges of adjusting to the balance of having two adults at home full-time as well as the challenges of maintaining authentic and beautiful long distance friendships. By the end of 2011, we had gained some new friends, sadly lost a couple of old friends, worked through a lot of crap and came to the wonderful realisation that we have found our home.
I think that coming into 2012 with a lot of 2011 strengthening us is a great thing, we have great plans for the year ahead, plans that include extra craftiness (and art), more kindness in many different ways, exciting changes in the direction of Scott's work, hopefully buying a home, gardening like crazy and the task of working out how to live a life strong in our values regarding parenting, the environment, life, etc., without others feeling like they are being judged (this is particularly hard, have been work-shopping this with a few dear friends but am open to any ideas out there), especially when we aren't judging at all, we are just trying to live by certain values that we deem important but unfortunately the reality is that despite best intentions, judged is what people feel, and that makes me feel really sad.
We farewelled 2011 with new friends, nighttime bicycle adventures, communal cooking in the kitchen and tea and chocolate on the front porch, surrounded by candlelight and new dear friends, pretty lovely.

On the first day of 2012, we headed to Sawtell, set up a beach umbrella, a tent and a delicious picnic (with some help of the most amazing hot chips) and there we stayed and paddled and flew and read and then met with friends and did all that again and more. A simple, fresh and exciting way to start the year.

Poe and Ilo are very lucky to have some very special friends, Ziggy and Sydney, who live next door, they spend whole days (seriously) on adventures at each other's homes, climbing through the hole in the fence, making fairy gardens, being pirates, creating cubby's for them and their little friends, building lego masterpieces or many other games that just make me smile with wonder.

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