Sunday 22 January 2012

home again home again

Ahhhh, a large exhale, nearly, we have arrived back home in a sense, but still feel like we are waiting for the year to actually begin and for us to land. Since arriving back we have been surprised by planned and unplanned visitors, sewed a decent amount of clothes for the markets in the space of two (very broken) days, supported friends needing help, hid from emails, left bags packed and ignored 'molehills' of dirty washing. Looking at our week ahead, I think it won't be until school starts (gulp) that we might start to feel like we can begin. 

But first to Sydney, a little peek at our little trip. Even though it hasn't been long since we were last in  Sydneytown, this trip was very necessary, it was nourishing, simple and fun. 

Scott giving some wonderful, love-filled rumbling time with cousins that Poe and Ilo rarely see, really sweet.

Warmed some dear friends, new home. 

Spent some time at my dad's stall at Paddington Markets, which is where we left Poe. He was so excited to help my dad sell, to clean the glass, help pack up and then journey with him back to the Coast, where he was in heaven, having my mum and dad's undivided attention for a few days, while we remained in Sydney. He had such a special time.

Ilo creating castles out of pegs at Tracey and Vince's. This is where we spent most of our time, it is always so easy and beautiful staying with them, the ease is the type of ease we have with my family, a special thing. Thank you.

Before heading to Sydney, Cass invited me to join her and her family to see Mondo Cane at the Domain as part of the Sydney Festival, to play things down, I was at the least, totally excited and dancing around the house thrilled. Since about age 13, I have had a soft spot for Mike Patton and his bands and have been to countless concerts of his over the years. So to see him in this latest incarnation as an Italian crooner, well this trip to Sydney was just meant to be. Unfortunately the night was a rainy one and as Cass and James had little people in tow, they weighed up all options and decided to stay at home and create their own little cinema in their loungeroom, super sweet. 
But I was determined, I was quite happy to go on the adventure by myself, but amazingly Jen decided that this was not to be, she really wanted to come. And it was great, even with the band having to stop at one point due to the crazy rain, we were huddled, so cosy, with some drinks, dinner, beautiful company and the promise of a great night and so it was. The rain stopped, the umbrellas flung aside, feet moved and smiles graced our faces, pretty awesome, thanks Jen for braving the elements and experiencing Mondo Cane with me. 

Despite last nights cancellation we were determined not to miss the company of Cass, James, Teddy and Harry so we made very important plans to meet at Cornersmith. Despite Cass and James nearly cancelling on the basis of two dodgy little tyres (they got a flat and then realised that their spare was pretty crap), we made it and it was totally chaotic, hilarious and delicious. Cass and I tried to squeeze in very important chats over the din of the cafe, cries of 'ah more' and pesky things like ordering, ah just like old times. 
Just quickly, I know I have raved about the Cornersmith before, but I just had to add that any place that proudly showcases what produce they are using and what they are pickling on a weekly basis seriously warms my heart. To see friends being run off their feet and looking totally bamboozled by their success is oh so wonderful.

A colourful, short and sweet catch-up with Suriya at Satellite in Newtown. 

Cass and I managed some more time whilst the kids were very busy cooking, playing music and delighting in each others company, we started talking about some secret squirrel business, very exciting. Look how prepared and serious Cass looks, business was at hand. 

Catching up with Trish at Silo6, for final touches on the Scott's cd artwork. 

Strawberry love.

Serious chats.

Hard work.

Rocking out at the Salvos. 


  1. I love this photo story. So magical- especially the one of grandpa and the little lady.

    looks like a wonderful trip!

    xo em

  2. hey em,
    how are you? so glad you liked the story, it was a little rushed i felt the blog clock ticking! (oh and ilo is a little boy, not lady, but we don't mind the confusion, we get it often). xxx

  3. Hilarious! I *do* look serious!

    Oh man Ilo seriously suits those apple pants. They were definitely a high point in my lowline sewing career.

    Glad you went to Satellite, it is seriously such a great cafe.

  4. So glad you saw Mondo Cane...the rain put us off too unfortunately! Another fabulous trip down here it looks like. Big smiles to see your lovely pics but also happy to see pics of Phil and Suriya - miss them xx

    Also, forgot to add on previous post you wrote of our fleeting visit...Marty didn't recognise Arki, 'who's that?' was his response when I showed him the gorgeous pic you took. Maybe we should be calling him Morty now? x

  5. Oh no, but Morty isn't even forty yet, that is a worry.
    Priya's party pics (thanks Cass), look great and to have two special guest musicians, what a treat!


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