Monday 30 January 2012

feast and fire

Fortunately we discovered a few weeks ago that our neighbours also have a love for curries, we quickly planned one curry night and as we were devouring that meal we decided to plot the next one. On Saturday night it came to fruition, but this time we were joined by two other families, which basically meant even more food. Weighing down the table was palak paneer, vegetarian koftas with a spicy tomato sauce, butter chicken, honey soy eggplant, rassam, a chickpea potato dish, cauliflower and tomato curry, coriander chutney, raita and a tomato and cucumber salad, phew. It was, as you can imagine, so amazingly delicious, we plan on making this a pretty regular event. 

No, this is not a photo that slipped in from winter, this is from Sunday or Saunaday as it came to be known. What happens when you mix a ridiculous amount of rain, humid weather, lots of children running in rain and wet clothes? Mildew/mould/mustiness, hmmmmm. Our solution, crank the fire, have fans going and set up a laundry in our lounge room. Scott took it upon himself to carefully nurture every piece of clothing to it's natural state; not stinky and wonderfully dry. It was quite delightful to look at our humungous pile of dry clean smelling clothes, so great that I could not help but smooch my face into it and inhale deeply.

Our weekend was also full of moving, Scott and I volunteered a day each to help Kombu move to a bigger premise, it was so lovely and exhausting, chatting, cleaning, heavy lifting and feeling like we were part of something great. Kombu is our local organic grocery store, it is owned by a local family and they run the store as a social enterprise looking at social and environmental impacts of the business and they run it along not-for-profit lines with any profits going back to the business and the wider community. The move was really lovely, it felt like yet another community building event, everyone was pretty proud when they stepped back and looked at Kombu's new home. Oh here is a picture of the final moving day team.


  1. Yay to regular curry nights! If you have spare minutes I would love your palak paneer recipe! Those vege koftas and cauliflower curry sound delish as well so if they happen to be written down and easily passed on I would be delighted! For the second year running Marty had requested a Bday feast at home with friends...last year was Mexican, this year is Indian! xx

  2. Birthday feast sounds great, no better way to celebrate i say. The palak paneer recipe is awesome and it is from here and the veggie kofta recipe is from the Hare Krishna cook book The Higher Taste, it is also here The kids loved the koftas. The cauliflower recipe is our neighbours, will get it for you. xx


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