Monday 23 January 2012

part of the sewing frenzy

 new top that was snapped up at the markets
new dress design

and a new skirt prototype for me


  1. Oh my lordy I am TOTALLY digging that skirt material! It's fantastic! You and Zoe channeled each other in reverse, for she just made a wrap skirt in blue flowers, with yellow floral trim. Errr..freaky.

  2. what! that is totally freaky, especially considering it has been on my to do list for a while, timing wise adds to the spookiness. Zoe would love to see a pic of my sister skirt!
    oh and the skirt fabric was from a salvage place, it is vintage seersucker from Czechoslovakia and I got a whole roll of it

  3. That is CRAZY! I did make that exact same skirt in different fabric on Saturday morning for Priya's party! How funny that it was blue floral with yellow floral trim - total reverse skirt! Such a good pattern...I have made three skirts as it is such a wearable style. Love the seersucker you lucky gal - I am a sucker for seersucker (it had to be said!) xx

  4. so great and totally crazy. yeah, such a comfortable style, same as my tablecloth ones and so easy to make, a whip up. and seersucker is amazing. i got it from Clarksons, can you believe it! xx

    1. CLARKSONS! recently? I still go in there when we visit mum but the masses of average fabric often turns me off...might have to look a little harder next time...

    2. yeah around Christmas time, i was as shocked as you. little bits of gold amongst piles of crap! xx


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