Wednesday 11 January 2012

days go by

Tomorrow we are off to Sydney for a few days. 

Arki, a friend from Sydney called in with his parents Marty and Zoe and his sister Priya. They played, they performed, we caught up and then they left, short but sweet.

A beautiful afternoon at Never Never Creek and a new dress I whipped up for me, yes me, can you believe it!

 Oh this face. Poe, you are growing so.
Glittery bowler hat, courtesy of Vince
 These are just around the corner from our house, can't wait til they sweeten a little more, there are bountiful bunches waiting to be picked when the time is right. yum

This little friend has been hanging out a bit lately, much to our delight, watching Poe sleep, here on the table and whilst speaking to Cass on the phone, I am smitten. 

 Oh the love. 

 And more love, found this little number for 20c at the Transfer Station of our local tip, the blades even turn. 

Vince, Tracey, Remy and Jenna, lavish us with their love as they hang out with us for a couple of days, yep, we are pretty lucky. 

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  1. Hey bonus, I got a new blog entry before I went to bed! And I'm even mentioned in there too, woot! I feel like a star. :)Can't wait to see you soon gorgeous one.


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