Friday 27 January 2012

take me back

Last week I was in despair, there had been more and more interest in my embroidered wrap skirts and tops but I was fast running out of tablecloths to make them. I was getting the sweats and just knew I has to do some serious op shopping (yes, drastic times, poor me). Luckily Scott and my mum understood this urgency and eagerly hopped on for the ride. Well after a few bits and pieces at op shop number one, op shop number two showered me with the grace of the op shop fairies and landed me with about ten tablecloths, oh my goodness, it was amazing. I felt very grateful and pleased that I wouldn't have to disappoint anyone.

As you should know by now, when we have visitors we have a 'Move to Bellingen' campaign, usually this is quite subtle but we knew that the odds were slightly better with Gary and Sarah, so a few things were planned to suck  entice them; an amazing night of performing and public acclaim at the Lodge, the meeting of dear friends, an impressive flood and some op shopped delights . 
So it was fortuitous that Poe, Ilo and Sydney created a welcome like no other and like none that we could have planned. As Gary, Sarah, Stella and Mira were walking down the road towards our house they saw three naked children getting all muddy in some rich red clay, there were smiles and squeals of delight and they were being accompanied by some tunes that were coming from Scott as he sat on the verandah and made sure all was well. Great work welcoming team.  

Dancing on the floor, part acrobatics, part ballet, part comedy routine.

I had the immense honour of giving both Stella and Mira their first haircuts. Sarah and Gary wanted easier mornings, not having to deal with the tears over hair brushing and hair design, they wanted heads that were easier to maintain and with regards to style, well, these two little people could do anything to their scalps and still look so gorgeous. Mira was up for anything and Stella enjoyed flicking through a Frankie magazine with me as I discussed styles, she was swayed by Poe's hair and a rather fetching shoulder length cut in Frankie.  Luckily they both love love loved their new hair styles, I was very relieved and absolutely delighted with the results.

Sarah looking amazing in one of my skirts. 

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  1. those tablecloths have kicked me into 'taking my measurements' gear. Probably night. Maybe tomorrow x

    ps. your photos have been gorgeous lately x


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