Friday 6 January 2012

new wares

These little numbers plus a couple of extra pieces are the latest to head to Wabi-Sabi. I really love the freedom that Wabi-Sabi gives me to just experiment and to be able to put stuff out there, as an added bonus people are digging my work, which is super cool. 

stripes and spots together at last


  1. So many blog changes! New header! New photo sizes! It's all happening! New year huh? Those tops are super sweet (but still about 6mths away for me right now, although I am eyeing off loads of non-breastfeeding items it must be said).

    Lovely to see new posts, I have been stalking your blog the last couple of days knowing an update was imminent! xx

  2. oh yeah, happening right now, and will probably change again over the next few days. how are you lovely one, i think of you often. mwah

  3. Oh jay, can I buy your tops online? x

  4. Jodi, I would be honoured to create one just for you. Just send through your measurements to jayandthetrees at gmail and let me know which style you prefer - how exciting. xx


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