Tuesday 24 January 2012

what a day

Today we experienced our first flood, the mass of water was pretty impressive and very hard to take in. The town was very quiet with a lot of shops closed and very few people about, considering a large proportion of the population were flooded in. People that we did meet on the street all had their stories about whether the flood was bigger than last time, tales of trees being split in half by a mini cyclone and what delicious meals they were cooking. Gary has been, not too silently, hoping for much more rain so that they are well and truly stranded and have to stay here even longer.


We had a house full of children for the first half of the day, seven little ones, as we had volunteered to look after Edie, Sky and Juniper as their parents Lowanna and Kevin are moving their shop, Kombu, to a bigger and better premises,yes sadly we will have to struggle with no longer having Kombu at the  end of our street, we will have to travel another extra 50 or so metres, can you believe that, sheesh. 
Sky, the littlest of the little ones, has only just turned one and I was lucky to have some super special snuggly time with her as she hung out in my sling and even slept in there for nearly an hour, oh so lovely. 


Stella and Poe have been having such a magical time together, so many beautiful adventures. Lots of whispering, creating, laughing and crazy outfits. They will definitely miss each other a lot. One of my most favourite images of them is when they linked their elbows in Vintage Espresso and danced around the whole place telling all that they were stuck together and weren't able to ever be pulled apart.

It was totally chaotic at times but also heaps of fun, we finger knitted, ran about in the rain, cleaned the kitchen and had a close hand look at a python that had been foolishly (it was too small) trying to eat our neighbours chickens. Both Woo and Eno (our neighbours) have done a lot of work for W.I.R.E.S and are known about town as people who know about snakes (as well as other awesome things), so we feel very lucky to have such experience living so close. Scott bravely confronted a fear of his and held the snake, though is still quite freaked out, but very proud of him for trying.

Sarah looked and acted like an absolute natural with the snake.


  1. your lives are filled with beautiful people (with beautiful names!) I ahve been thinking of you with all this rain - stay well, stay safe.

    And thank you for your email...I'll send the measurements soon x

  2. thanks jodi, luckily it is all pretty relaxed here, everyone knows the drill and everyone quite enjoys the flood (as long as nobody or nothing gets injured). it is quite amazing watching nature do it's thing, it is very present and a pleasure to witness.

  3. By the sound of what I hear on the radio, Gary is getting his wish! I do love a storm and have always desperately hoped to be trapped in somewhere. I think it's related to my penchant for disaster films. Love how animated Scott looks talking to the table of children!


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